Rotating Diets

Apart from the moment you open the door and arrive home, mealtime can be the most exciting time of day for your pet. How do you keep up his enthusiasm? Try adding variety by rotating diets. Keep it interesting. And healthy.

Kansas City Called, She Wants Her Dog Back

I have a secret. I wasn't always an animal lover. Working in the pet industry – it’s something that I don’t advertise. I have allergies. I didn’t grow up with pets. As a result, it never came naturally for me.

Approaching IBD the natural way

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) includes a wide variety of chronic gastrointestinal problems affecting dogs and cats. The disease targets a pet’s immune system causing it to attack all or part of the GI tract. The resulting inflammation can lead to abdominal pain, vomiting, constipation, rapid weight loss—and, most commonly, chronic diarrhea. That said, if your furry friend begins to have frequent and persistent loose movements, you’ll want to check with your holistic vet immediately.

Austin: The city with a Texas-sized heart for dogs

Traveling with your dog is great fun—especially when you visit a city that’s as pet-friendly as Austin, Texas. It’s not only where you’ll find Lake Austin and the renowned SXSW music festival—Austin is home to long list of welcoming places for you and your furry sidekick. Stay

133 Years and Counting

The year 2015 marks my 19th year as the owner of Sojos. That’s 133 in dog years! And my passion has never burned brighter. There’s no question that 2014 was an important year for us. We moved meat to the #1 ingredient in in our Complete recipes. We launched Sojos Lamb Complete. We launched freeze-dried, raw Sojos Simply Meat Treats. And we opened a brand new freeze-drying facility to meet the growing demand.

A feast fit for Fido

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and appreciate those you care most about—and of course, that includes your furry friends. So, why leave your dog sitting on the sidelines? Instead, treat him to small taster portions while sticking to his normal feeding schedule. Many Thanksgiving dishes are made with ingredients found in Sojos all-natural dog food dishes—so you can be sure he’ll find them both safe and delicious.

Am I feeding enough? Too much?

It's not always easy to know how much you should feed your dog. Just like us, every pet is different. Things like age, activity level, body type, current weight and individual metabolism (the rate that calories are burned) all make a difference.

Here’s to healthy beginnings

Ah, the wonders of puppyhood. One minute he’s stealing your heart—the next your favorite running shoe. His appetite for life is second only to his need for healthy, nutrient-rich food. Does that mean he needs a special “puppy formula?” In a word, no.

don't let halloween spook your pet this year

BOO! Halloween is all about tricks, treats and fun for your whole family. But your favorite furry goblin may not enjoy it as much as you do. Strange costumes, chaos, a parade of kids at the door—not to mention the allure of all that candy, can prove too much for your dog or cat. Here are a few tips for keeping Fido and Fifi unspooked this year: Costumes.

Before you enroll, tips for choosing a dog trainer.

Whether it’s intentional or not, our canine companions are always learning from us. The challenge is making sure the lessons are positive and constructive—and, above all, fun for everyone involved. To that end, professional trainers are invaluable. They help us teach our dogs to eagerly respond to instruction and happily follow the rules. And as a bonus, a well-run obedience class is a blast for both of you—not to mention, a great place to set up some doggie playdates.