‘Naturally occurring nutrients’: What it means for your pet

by Sojos | July 30, 2012

Back in the ’50s and ’60s, the pop culture vision of the distant future – like the all-too-crazy-to-imagine year 2000 – often included people getting all their nutrition in the form of a single capsule. While we live every day in that previously unimaginable future, it seems sillier than ever to think that we could get everything our body needs from a pill instead of real food. And why? Because we’ve wised up, and now we know better than to buy into the idea that synthetic food can be as healthy as real food.

Our bodies, like our pets’ bodies, are designed to extract nutrients from the food that nature provides. Centuries of evolution have made us capable of getting the maximum benefit of the foods we lived off of, and the same applies to dogs and cats. A finely tuned digestive system extracts the nutrients necessary to enable your pet to live a healthy, active life – as long as he’s getting the right food.

Many pet foods on the market promise to give your dog a healthy nutritional balance, but whether or not they can actually make good on that pledge isn’t always clear. The problem lies in over-processing – to the point at which ingredients’ natural nutritional benefits are essentially cooked out – and then re-introducing those lost nutrients with a sprayed-on coating at the last minute. Even if some of the vitamins in that coating cocktail are natural, they’re not coming to your pet in the form that his body is programmed to recognize and utilize.

You’ll hear us at Sojos talking a lot about “naturally occurring nutrients” in our raw dog food and raw cat food. The human-grade vegetables, fruits, herbs, meats and vitamins make up our recipes are there for a specific purpose, and are gently dehydrated – or in the case of our raw meat – freeze-dried to preserve their nutritive content. So, when your dog or cat eats a Sojos meal, the whole food ingredients that go into his system can be easily recognized and digested for maximum nutritional benefit – which is incredibly important, given the limited amount of time that food stays in their relatively short digestive tracts. The nutrients in those foods – in their natural state – give your pet everything he needs and nothing unnecessary, which translates to robust health, shiny coats, clean teeth and ideal weight.