America’s most dog-friendly cities: San Diego

by Sojos | February 06, 2013

With a reputation for weather that’s pretty much perfect all year round, it’s easy to imagine that San Diego is a great place to be a dog.  But weather isn’t the only important component in creating a truly dog-friendly city (after all, Minneapolis-St. Paul and Portland number among the best). Luckily, San Diego makes the most of its beautiful climate by providing dogs and their owners with activities, amenities and resources aplenty.

An outdoors-driven lifestyle is the norm in San Diego, and with its spectacular ocean-side location, that means spending lots of time at the beach. Dog Beach is, logically, a popular spot for owners to let dogs frolic in the surf. Just be aware that there’s another “Dog Beach” in Del Mar that is only open to dogs September through June. Fiesta Island in Mission Bay is an entirely leash-free island that lets you and your buddy explore to your hearts’ content.

Travelers to San Diego will love that there is an abundance of hotels with dog-friendly policies, from high-end chains to locally owned inns.

Restaurants in many cities across the country are reticent to let dogs join their owners, but San Diego bucks that convention. From Starbucks to charming little bistros, pooches are welcome at a multitude of cafes and eateries.

Of course, any truly dog-centric city has to have shops and stores that cater specifically to four-legged customers. Wholesome Choice Pet Market specializes in natural and raw dog and cat foods and treats, as well as supplements. Healthy Pet Pantry provides yet another shopping option for pet owners seeking raw and holistic foods and treats as well as natural supplies. Dexter’s Deli in Del Mar also provide top-of-the-line raw food options and plenty of guidance for those who want to learn more about holistic pet nutrition.

No matter when you go to San Diego, you can be sure of two things: you’ll have perfect weather and your four-legged friend will be welcome to join you.