America’s most dog-friendly cities: San Francisco

by Sojos | October 23, 2012

If there’s any question about whether the City by the Bay loves its critters, just look at its namesake: Saint Francis, the patron saint of animals. No, the name wasn’t chosen by pet lovers back in 1847, but it’s a fitting moniker for today’s animal-friendly town.

In a city where dogs have been noted to outnumber children, there are lots of services and amenities that cater to pooches and their “parents.”

Parks and trails abound, and city residents make good use of them. An online guide to the city’s best dog parks,, helps point the way to the choicest spots for an off-leash romp.

The number of doggy boutiques will keep dogs stocked with the stylish accessories that are a must in this design-conscious city, but they’ll also please progressive-minded owners. Shops like Jeffrey’s Natural Pet Food, Pawtrero and The Raw Connection stock raw dog food and other products that put pets’ health and well-being first. A number of holistic vets also serve the city’s dogs, cats and other critters.

What might surprise visitors to the city is the number of shops and restaurants that are dog-friendly. For residents, it’s a major plus to be able to take Fido out for a walk and do a bit of shopping without having to tie their friend up outside.  And with a restaurant scene as rich, diverse and enticing as San Francisco’s, going out for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner is even more fun with a four-legged friend in tow.

Dog-friendly hotels are also abundant, so if you’re eager to visit, remember that this is one trip where your pup doesn’t need to stay home. Some hotels even offer pet beds and treats as an added welcome to canine visitors. And if you need to take a cab to one of those dog-friendly restaurants, you’ll even find cab companies that let your pet ride along – just let them know he’s with you if you call for a ride.

A trip to San Francisco is fun for just about anyone, but for dog lovers, it’s a must. And if you’re lucky enough to live there, take your dog out and enjoy the benefits of living in one of America’s most dog-friendly places.