Breed feature: Affenpinscher

by Kira Garrett | February 11, 2014

At last year’s Westminster dog show, an Affenpinscher named Banana Joe took home Best in Show, making him the first Affinpinscher to receive that title.

In German, the name means Monkey-Terrier, and this breed is known to be mischievous, and ape-like in behavior. The Affenpinscher is a small dog with a shaggy, wiry coat and a peppy personality. These petite pooches most often have black fur, but can also be seen with gray, silver, red, tan or black and tan coats as well.

This is a great dog to have if you have a smaller living space, like an apartment or a cozy home. They’re great at entertaining themselves indoors and don’t require a large fenced yard to expel all that energy!