Can’t you smell that smell?

by Kira Garrett | October 23, 2013

Cat owners know that one of the least glamorous parts of being the perfect pet parent is cleaning out your cat’s litter box. While they get to have their own private bathroom within the home – which dogs surely envy – that little box can cause quite the stink if it’s not properly maintained.

If your nose is sensitive, be sure to clean the litter box daily. By removing the waste frequently both you and your feline friend will be much happier. The type of litter you chose for your cat’s litter box can also have an effect on the odor, so be sure to carefully read the ingredients to make sure that the litter is safe for your cat and will work to eliminate odors. You can even add a carbon litter box liner to help absorb the odors from the box.

No matter how sensitive your nose is to the distinct smell of cat urine, avoid using spray air fresheners to mask the smell. Pets are much more sensitive to smells than we are and that strong “fresh breeze” scent of the drugstore air freshener can be overwhelming to your pets. Baking soda absorbs odors very well, so you can place a small cup near your cat’s litter box to help neutralize the smell as an alternative. Neutralizing the odor will help to rid the area of the smell rather than just masking it with a different scent. Another way to add a pleasant scent in the area is by using essential oils that are safe for aromatherapy for cats. Use natural lavender oil in a diffuser or oil burner near the area to fill the room with a pleasant smell. Just be sure to remove the container when you leave the room.

If the odor isn’t just coming from the litter box, your furry little feline may have sprayed a coach or other upholstery. If you do not have a cover on the litter box, it is also possible that your kitty may miss the litter from time to time. If you find where the odor is coming from you can remove the smell using a natural mix of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar and natural dish soap. If you use this mix, be sure to only make the amount you need, then throw away any excess and test a small swatch of furniture before washing the surface. There are also many all-natural odor- and stain-eliminating cleaners that work wonders.