The connections between cancer and nutrition in dogs

by Kira Garrett | December 30, 2013

It’s a dreaded disease for humans and dogs alike: cancer. While the exact causes aren’t yet clear for the many forms in which canine cancer appears, and cures remain a distant hope, there are actions you can take that encourage your dog’s overall wellness. A healthy body that is both better able to fight disease and stay strong through treatment and recovery. And nutrition –particularly a diet of raw dog food – is at the heart of wellness.

That’s not to say that a raw diet can cure cancer or that it’s the guaranteed solution to helping your dog survive. Instead, think of it this way: Nutrients are what your dog needs to be at his healthiest, and for his body to operate optimally. A raw diet gives your dog the nutrients he needs, in the form that is easiest for his body to absorb and use. If your dog’s body is a finely-tuned machine, even when it suffers the attack of a fierce disease, it will be in the best position to fight.

Of course, it’s important to work with your holistic vet to create the ideal diet for any dog undergoing cancer treatment. Because symptoms and treatments can vary according to the type of cancer, your vet might encourage you to supplement a raw dog food mix like Sojos with additional, specifically-targeted foods, such as those that might reduce inflammation or calm nausea. If your dog has to undergo more radical treatments in order to fight fast against the disease, a nutrient-rich diet can help support him as he goes through it.

Timing is important, too. Switching your dog to a raw diet requires a transition period, if he’s been fed kibble or traditional canned food. The longer your dog is on a nutrient-rich raw diet that supports his system in a holistic way, the better prepared he’ll be to ward of diseases.