Dog-friendly cities: New York City

by Kira Garrett | June 03, 2014

Traveling with your pup to New York City might seem outrageous to some—it’s already crowded enough—but the Big Apple is one of the most pet-friendly cities in the country. Just make sure Fido is on his best behavior and doesn’t mind the loud honking or crowds of people before you pack your bags!

Many of New York’s 29,000 acres of parkland are pet-friendly; just check city regulations before you and your pooch depart. Most parks, Central Park included, allow pooches off-leash time. Before 9AM and after 9PM, Fido’s free to roam. Not to mention there are numerous dog run’s (an large, fenced dog area) and designated off-leash areas; your pup will be making fur-friends in no time.

Aside from an afternoon at one of New York’s beautiful parks, your pup can see plenty of sights with you. Stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge to really take the city in. Or stop by Grand Central Terminal; don’t worry, your pooch is welcome here! Of course you’ll want to do plenty of shopping during your stay. And lucky for you, Fido is welcome in most shops. Check with the store management before entering, but you’ll find few who refuse a small dog. A carrying case will help, as your pup is less likely to make a mess or cause disturbance when safely held in a carrier.

While your pup won’t be allowed inside any restaurants, there are plenty of patios that’ll welcome you both for a bite to eat. Check with the restaurant prior to your arrival to make sure the patio’s Fido-friendly. Local favorites include Barking Dog, where you’ll find a renowned brunch menu and a doggie fountain on the patio, so your pooch can enjoy dining out as much as you do. Fetch Bar and Grill not only boasts a delicious menu, but also hosts an Adopt-a-Dog wall. They’ve teamed with Animal Haven Rescue to bring awareness to homeless pets in the city, and have an entire wall covered in photos of adoptable dogs. So while you and your pooch enjoy a meal, you can consider bringing home a furry friend instead of a souvenir!

Transportation might prove a bit difficult for a traveller plus pet. Only small dogs, in carrier cases, are allowed on the Subways but taxis likely won’t agree to your fare with Fido in tow. Consider hiring a pet transport company that will happily drive you and your furry friend to your destinations during your visit.

As with any travel, plan ahead and make sure you’ve packed all your pup’s necessities. Bring along plenty of travel-friendly dehydrated or freeze-dried dog food like Sojos, toys and comforts. Before you leave, update your pup on all shots and medications and have proper identification for Fido so the two of you can enjoy the big city worry-free!