Dog poop pickup: what to look for in a cleanup crew

by Kira Garrett | April 19, 2014

Spring is finally here, and after a long winter, the snow is melting. This means one thing to most pet parents: dog poo cleanup. Even if you’ve been diligent about scooping your pet’s waste this winter, there’s an inevitable buildup every Spring.


This year, instead of spending your beautiful Spring Saturdays scooping, consider hiring a dog poop cleanup crew.


There are many companies out there that can come to your home and cleanup your pet’s poop for you. You can schedule pick-ups at a frequency that suits the needs of you and your pet. If you have a large dog, or a multiple-dog home, twice a week pickups might be a good place to start, whereas smaller dogs may only require a bi-weekly pickup.


Hiring a service can ensure you and your family have a clean, safe yard to enjoy. Dog poop can carry some nasty germs, not to mention it doesn’t smell great. If you decide to hire a service, make sure you look for a company that has an eco-friendly process. Some companies treat your yard with harsh chemicals that can be harmful to both you and your pet.