Doggie daycare

by Kira Garrett | October 14, 2013

More and more companies are becoming ‘pet-friendly’ workplaces, but what about those 9-5’ers who can’t bring their pooches to work with them? There are many pet-care options to consider for your four-legged friend while you are at the office.

If a dog receives enough exercise throughout the course of the day and doesn’t have difficulty waiting to ”do his business,” he may be content relaxing at home and holding down the fort. Some dogs even take pride in being able to watch the house while the family is away. But not every dog does well while home alone. Dogs are social animals and love to spend time with their humans, so if you are regularly gone for a significant portion of the day, doggie daycare may be a good idea for you and your dog. 

Many boarding facilities offer daycare for your canine companion. As you head off to work, you can drop Fido off at daycare where he will be able to romp around with other dogs.

Some dogs need to supervised during the day –especially puppies – and a daycare facility will be able to give your pup the attention he needs. Daycare is also a great way to socialize a young pup. The interaction with other dogs of all shapes and sizes and the new experiences will help make a well-adjusted companion.

Many faculties offer full- or half-day options and additional services like training, grooming or doggie transports. If your dog is healthy, spayed or neutered, and gets along well with other dogs, he may enjoy spending his days at a daycare facility.

Some companies and organizations also offer doggie daycare in the comfort of your own home. A certified pet sitter can come to your home during the work day and spend some quality time with your pup. The sitter will let your dog outside, take him for a walk, feed lunch, and play with him all in a calm environment where he is comfortable. At-home daycare is great for nervous, senior, or aggressive dogs that would not enjoy a group setting.

If your dog doesn’t get restless while he is home alone, another affordable option is always to ask a friend. If you want your dog to be able to get outside for a potty break during the day, you can always ask a trusted neighbor or friend to let Fido out.