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Don’t fight the fat! Healthy ways to add fat to a raw dog food diet

by Kira Garrett | July 02, 2013

“Fat” is a dirty word when it comes to nutrition, but the advertising messages we’ve all heard through the years have, in a lot of ways, given the wrong impression.

Fat, in fact, can be a good thing. We all need it in our diets, whether we’re humans or dogs, and healthy fats actually offer health benefits – you’ve probably heard about the heart-healthy benefits of omega-3 or omega-6 fats. For owners feeding raw dog food, adding certain foods rich in good fats is a great way to supplement your dog’s diet, especially if he is losing too much weight.

Wondering what you should add to give your pup an extra nutritional boost? Check out this list and keep the ingredients on hand to add into your raw dog food.

* Oily fish – Fish like sardines, herring, sprats, salmon and anchovies are all rich in omega oils that promote heart health, but which have also shown promise in benefitting dogs with osteoarthritis. If you opt for canned versions of these fish, select water-packed, rather than oil packed.

* Cottage cheese – This mild cheese is a great option for adding fat. Simply mix it in with your soaked Sojos – your dog is guaranteed to love it. A few dogs are lactose intolerant, so be sure to monitor yours after he eats cottage cheese for the first time.

* Yogurt – Yogurt has a lot to offer, even beyond its fat content. It’s also a great source of protein and boasts beneficial bacteria that are helpful in digestion. Choose a plain (non-flavored) variety that has as few ingredients (like added sugar or colorings) as possible.

* Flax oil – Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, you and your dog can share flax seed oil and all its benefits. Those omega-3s help fight cancer and heart disease but also improve skin and coat; they’re also thought to help mitigate allergies in some cases. Keep in mind that a little bit goes a long way – ask your holistic vet about dosage.