how to take better photos of your pet

by Kira Garrett | May 28, 2014

Our pets are part of the family, so it’s no wonder you love snapping pictures of them looking oh-so-adorable. A bouncy puppy, impatient pooch, or sneaky kitty can be hard to capture on camera. 

Here are some tips to help you take better pet photographs:

Get prepped

Before your photo session, make sure your camera is charged, you have the correct lenses and everything else in order. You don’t want to be stranded off sight without proper gear when your pup is posing for a photo or have to wait while your camera charges. If you’re heading outside your home to take the photos, pack plenty of treats, toys and other props to keep your pup occupied and happy. Consider, also, bringing along a family member, friend or assistant to help you out. Your partner-in-crime can help entertain your pooch, so you can focus solely on snapping those pictures.

Use natural light 

Your pet will photograph better in daylight. A harsh flash can startle Fido and can leave your pet looking like a strange creature with glowing eyes! Venture outdoors for an even more natural look, but make sure you’re able to not only man the camera, but also keep tabs on your pet’s behavior, as there are infinitely more distractions in the great outdoors. If you’re in your home, try to take photos near a window and during the day to utilize natural light.

Capture personality 

You’ll cherish a photo of your pet perched in his favorite spot, or chomping on his favorite toy for years to come. Instead of shooting your session in a premeditated, studio spot, capture his favorite things and tendencies on camera in his own environment. If your pup loves running around the dog park, have your photo session there. If your cat naps in the kitchen sink, snap photos of her there. You’ll treasure these telling pics of your pets.

Be Patient

Even if your pup starts his session with bountiful energy, with some patience on your part, he’ll calm down eventually for you to take some photos. Keep your shutter speed high, as you’ll likely have to deal with fast movements and you don’t want all your photos to turn out blurry!

Whether you snap shots with your smartphone daily, or you want to set up a special photo shoot with your pooch, keep these things in mind before you get behind the lens.