just looking ...

by Ward Johnson | April 09, 2013

In the future, I need to remind myself that there is no such thing as “just looking” when it comes to a visit to the animal shelter. Set foot through that door and it’s a virtual certainty that you’re going home with new member of the family. I learned this the hard way when we spontaneously decided to pop by a local shelter last week and wound up coming home with an adorable Terrier mix named Andy.

I grew up with dogs my whole life, but we haven’t had one in the house for a while. My wife Maggie’s allergies and raising small children made for perfectly reasonable excuses. That is, until it became painfully clear that our daughter Lucy, like her father, was a full-fledged, unabashed animal lover. Lucy was not to be denied and there’s only so long you can convince a determined kid that adopting a pet caterpillar will suffice. 
So, a couple of weeks ago I spontaneously checked the local animal shelter website and laid eyes on a picture of Andy. “It can’t hurt to just go meet him,” I told Maggie (and myself). Over lunch we went to "just meet" Andy and, as he licked my face and wormed his way into our hearts, I knew there was no turning back. Boy, I forgot how much I love the smell of puppy breath!
Ward Johnson, Owner/President