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Keep cool this summer

by Kira Garrett | June 21, 2014

Summer is finally here and there’s almost nothing better than enjoying a day in the outdoors with your pooch. But while you soak up the sun, your pup may be too toasty! Keep your pooch cool this summer:


The key to a safe summer is to make sure your pooch always, always has fresh, cool water. Feeding Fido a moisture-rich diet is a great way to ensure he’s getting enough water each day. Look for an all-natural freeze-dried or dehydrated dog food like Sojos, which is the best of both worlds because it’s not only a wet dog food diet, but it’s also healthy and nutritious.!

Cool off indoors

If you don’t have air conditioning, you can still keep your pup cool indoors. He’ll be able to beat the heat by sitting or laying on a cool surface, like a tile floor. Help him out even more by laying down a wet towel to lounge on. Or, dip him in the bathtub for a quick cool off. For a less messy (and wet!) solution, simply set up a fan and bowl of ice cubes next to your dog’s bed. He’ll enjoy the breeze and the cool crunch of the ice cubes.

Cool off outdoors

A shady tree on a warm day can be a great place for Fido to relax. If your dog’s still overheated, consider setting up a kiddie pool for him to wade and lay down in. He’ll love the water and it’ll save you a trip to the beach! If you’ve got a fenced-in yard, let your furry friend run through the sprinkler.

Freeze a tasty treat

Treat Fido to a homemade pup-sicle or frozen toy. Fill an ice cub tray with rehydrated Sojos dog food and freeze it. In a few hours, you’ll have bite-size frozen treats for your pooch. You can also freeze treats inside a toy, like a Kong. Fill with peanut butter, fruits, vegetables or other healthy ingredients and let the toy sit in the freezer a while. Your pup will thank you for the refreshing snack and you’ll be glad to have him occupied trying to get those morsels out for hours!