Love your pets and leave them at home

by Kira Garret | July 15, 2013

It’ summertime and temperatures are heating up! You love your dog, and want to bring him with you whenever you can. Sometimes, though, it’s better to leave Fido at home. When you’re headed to a place that does not allow dogs, consider what could happen when you leave your pet unattended in the car.

It takes less than 30 minutes for temperatures to rise above 110°F, even with the windows cracked. These temperatures can be fatal. In 14 states, it’s actually illegal to leave an animal in a motor vehicle where a pet could suffer distress from heat (some of the laws include extreme cold, too) and the consequences are severe.

If you just can’t bear to leave your pooch at home, consider some alternatives to leaving him in the car:

Remember the drive-through: Your pet can sit comfortably in your air-conditioned vehicle while you await your meal or other service. Many pharmacies, coffee shops and food businesses have a drive-through window—they’re not just for fast food! Stop at the drive-up mailbox, instead of running into the post office or swing up to the bank window, instead of running inside to make a deposit.

Bring a friend: If you know have stops to make that need to be pet-free, bring a friend along who can keep your pup company. Have your friend walk your dog, give him water or sit with him in the shade until you return.

Shop pet-friendly: More and more stores allow pets inside. If you are unsure about a retailer’s rule on pets, just ask! Most pet stores allow you to bring your pup with, as do many other types of shops. Make sure your dog is on-leash and well behaved before you bring him along with you.

Whatever errands or you have to tackle, make sure you plan ahead to ensure your pet is safe and comfortable while you’re out and about. And remember, you can always leave Fido at home!