Pet-friendly cities: Phoenix, Arizona

by Kira Garrett | December 16, 2013

It can be hard to leave your pet behind when traveling. Those pouty eyes and droopy tails give you the guilt trip whenever you bring out the suitcase. Many pet owners decide to take their pet on the journey along with them. If you pet enjoys traveling, then Phoenix may be your next must-see destination. This pet-friendly city has plenty to offer, from unique Southwestern architecture and geology, to a Wild West history and relaxing resorts.

No matter what your reason for visiting, take time to experience the breathtaking city. With perpetual sunshine and a southwestern flair, the capital city of Arizona has so much to offer. There are many pet-friendly hotelsfor you and your furry travel companion to rest your bones after a long day of sightseeing and exploring the city and its beautiful surroundings.

If you plan to visit Phoenix in the cooler months, there are countless trails and paths you need to take advantage of. The picturesque landscape is something that both you and your dog can appreciate. He certainly won’t mind taking in the fresh mountain air as you do the same. Just be sure to keep a close eye on your dog to make sure he doesn’t get his nose – or paws – too close to any cacti. The thorns can be painful for your pup. If Fido needs a little extra space to blow off some energy after spending a few nights in a hotel room, there are numerous dog parks in the areawhere he can run off leash.

If you and your pet are not used to the dry, desert climate of Arizona, be sure to prepare for the heat. While the humidity is low, temperatures reach an average high of 85 degrees year round, but it’s not uncommon for it to climb into the 100s. You should keep your pet hydrated and offer protection from the sun. Carry a portable water bottle and bowl whenever you leave the hotel.

If you and your dog are getting hungry, there are many pet-friendly restaurants in the city. Stop by Morning Squeezefor breakfast where both you and your dog can enjoy a delicious, healthy breakfast. Your hungry pup will love the Chow Hound Chicken or the Pooch Pleaser off of the Tail Waggers menu. If you and your pet are more of the pub type, O.H.S.O Eatery and NanoBrewerywill welcome you with a cold glass of beer for you and a free homemade biscuit for your dog.

Whenever you travel with your pet, be sure to find out in advance which hotels, restaurants and outdoor spaces are pet-friendly so you and your pooch are not turned away upon arrival.