Pet tech: Must-have gadgets and apps for pet owners

by Kira Garrett | September 04, 2013

It’s not just we humans living in a high-tech world – our pets do as well.. From microchip identification systems to food and water dishes that refill automatically, pets are very much a part of the digital age. Since new developments are practically constant these days, it pays to stay up to date on what new and wonderful innovations are available for pets and their owners.

These are some of our favorites:

* DogTek Eyenimal Pet Cam: We’ve all wondered what our critters do when we’re away – now you can get a dog’s (or cat’s) eye view. The Eyenimal is a tiny, lightweight digital camera attaches to your pet’s collar and captures images at 29 frames per second and has 4 GB of memory.

* Tagg: Another collar attachment gadget, Tagg does double duty, acting as a GPS and an activity tracker. You can follow your pet’s whereabouts from Tagg’s app, which will also monitor his activity levels and let you know whether he’s getting enough exercise.

* Pet Phone: It can be tough to keep track of pet’s records, appointments and medications, but Pet Phone is an app designed to make organization easier. Add vet appointments (which can be synched to your main calendar), track your pet’s weight, store information like his registration number or microchip ID and record his allergies. The app can be used for multiple pets as well.

* Dyson Groom: Pet hair is something that virtually every pet owner has to cope with in one way or another. The Dyson Groom is a vacuum attachment (designed to work with Dyson brand machines) that lets you brush your pet and instantly suck up the loosened hair. It’s ideal for pets with medium-to-long hair and could be just what you’ve been dreaming of when shedding season rolls around.

* Petoxins: The list of plants and items that could potentially be poisonous to pets is long – way too long to remember it all off the top of your head. The Petoxins, created by the ASPCA, is a quick reference guide that you can take with you wherever you go (as long as you have your smartphone on hand). The searchable database provides in-depth details about toxic plants, as well as symptoms that might manifest in your pet.