Protect your pet from hazards in your home

by Kira Garrett | August 08, 2013

Pet-proofing your home can be just as challenging as baby-proofing. It takes a lot of work to prepare and it’s a job that’s never over. Keep your pet safe and your family happy by taking a few precautions in your shared space. Make a sweep through your home to pinpoint these potential dangers.


*Latch cabinets with childproof latches if you have a curious pet. Especially secure household chemical, medications, and cleaning products.

*Block small spaces behind appliance or cabinets where pets could get stuck.

*Cover all trash cans or place them in latched cabinets.

*Close the toilet lid to prevent pets from drinking from the bowl. Chemicals used to clean toilets can be harmful to pets.

*Small items that may pose a choking hazard like game pieces and small knick-knacks should be stored out of sight.

* For areas that are not pet-proofed, use pet gates to block entry.


*Remove poisonous plants. Many common plants and fertilizers are dangerous for your pets.

*Add fencing to prevent your pets from wandering into the street.

*Keep compost piles fenced separately. All that rotting food may smell tempting to pets, but if ingested it can cause severe reactions.


*Place at loose wires and cord out of reach. Dangling objects resemble toys and are very alluring to playful pets.

*Clean all antifreeze from the garage and driveway. The sweet smelling liquid can be lethal to pets.

*Don’t use mouse or rat poison around your home. Even if pets don’t directly ingest the poison, catching a rodent that has been poisoned is just as dangerous.

*Provide pets with outlets for chewing and scratching. Give dogs plenty of chew toys and cats scratch posts to redirect the behavior.

Remember to always supervise your pet no matter how safe you think you’ve made your home. Puppies and kittens are especially curious and while older pets may have had adequate training, new additions always need a little guidance. Safeguard your pet from hazards in your home so you can focus your attention on enjoying your time with your pet.