a Pug's weight loss

by Kira Garrett | May 19, 2014

Meet Riley.

Riley is a four-year-old Pug who was adopted into to his forever family with a serious weight problem. Riley and his little Pug sister Penelope live in Montana and enjoy mountain hikes and trips to the dog park, but Riley’s weight made it difficult for him to keep up.

Pugs, in general, are often thought of as chubby pups. Their fat rolls are endearing, and their small statures often allow them to gain weight easily. However, just like any other breed, an overweight Pug faces serious health problems.

Riley’s Vet recommended he lose 8 LBS, so his pet parents started him on a Sojos diet. They fed him Sojos Turkey Complete and he went bonkers for the food! For treats, they rewarded his good behavior with Good Dog Treats (Apple Dumpling are his favorite).

Within only a few weeks, his digestive system normalized (that means, he had healthy poos!) and he was looking and feeling great. After just 2 ½ months, he has lost all 8 LBS!  Not only does he look great, but his breathing is far less labored and he’s got bounds more energy. His pet parents even had to buy him a smaller harness to wear.

Switching to an all-natural, simple ingredient food allowed Riley to reach a healthy weight and live a much healthier lifestyle.

Riley and sister Penelope ready to try Sojos.

Riley enjoying the dog park, post weight loss.