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spring showers: tips to keep your pets and your home clean this spring

by Kira Garrett | April 16, 2016

We’re in the midst of Spring and while it’s great that the weather’s getting warmer, the weather’s also getting wetter. April showers bring May flowers, but they can leave your pet, and your home, a muddy mess!

Here are some tips for dealing with a muddy dog:

Grab some rain gear

Clothing for your pet can be stylish and functional. Consider investing in a raincoat and rain booties. While some dogs relish a rainy day shower, others hate a soggy walk and would prefer to stay dry. Look for a heavy-duty water resistant material, and follow the fit instructions to select the correct size for your pet. There are many types of dog booties out there that will not only keep your pup’s feet dry and clean, but can also protect his feet from sharp objects or irritants on the sidewalk. Keep in mind it may take a little while for Fido to get used to walking in them!

Set up your entryway

Before you embark on a rainy-day journey, prepare for your return. If you can’t carry your pup straight into the bathtub, stash a pile of towels and a few dog treats next to your front door. You can either distract, or reward, your pup with treats while you wipe those muddy paws. If your pooch is small enough, wrap him in a towel and head straight for the tub. Make sure you’ve set out your shampoo and some additional clean towels in the bathroom, so bath time is a breeze.

Keep your car clean

If you travelled to the dog park or your favorite walking spot, plan ahead so you’re not stranded with a soggy dog. Keep plenty of towels in your trunk, along with a jug of water. Use the water to rinse of his paws and scrub with a towel. You can use your extra towels to cover your backseat, or invest in a car cover. There are many great products specifically designed to protect your car from your muddy pup. These are often made from a nylon material, making it super easy to clean when you return home.

Try self-wash

When you’ve got a really muddy dog, try taking Fido to a self-wash salon. You can usher your pup straight into a washtub and give your pooch a salon-style bath and blowout. Most self-wash spots have protective booties on hand, so your pooch makes it home without re-soiling himself.