Things to consider when choosing a kennel

by Sojos | November 14, 2012

The holidays are coming, and for many people, that means traveling long distances to see friends and family and celebrate the season. For dog owners, that can also mean leaving their beloved best friend at home, either with a sitter or a boarding facility.

If taking your dog to an overnight boarding kennel gives you a bit of anxiety, you’re not alone. It’s not uncommon for owners to view their dogs as part of the family, and if you are meticulous in how you care for your pet, it can be hard to trust that a stranger will be as attentive. But if you know what to look for in a boarding kennel, it can make the separation a lot less stressful for you and, most importantly, your dog.

Here are some critical things to find out about any facility you’re considering:

* Is the facility clean and well-designed? It’s important to take a look at a facility – before you make a reservation. From the kennels to the runs, take note of whether the spaces look and smell clean. Also pay attention to whether the design of the space allows for good light and ventilation.

* Are special requests accommodated? If you feed a raw dog food diet like Sojos, it’s important that any facility will adhere to the schedule your pet is accustomed to. Make sure that staff who will be caring for your dog know about the importance of soaking Sojos for a sufficient amount of time before feeding. If you’re only going to be away for a few days, you can also drop off pre-soaked, pre-measured containers for the staff to use. This way they can simply scoop and serve.

* Will your dog be comfortable? Pay attention to how much space your dog will have and don’t be afraid about asking specific questions about where he’ll sleep and what kind of outdoor access he’ll have. Some deluxe boarding facilities offer private rooms with all the amenities – even including a TV with pet-pleasing images. It’s also important to ask whether your dog can have private space if you request it.

* What’s the experience level of the staff? Knowing that you’re leaving your dog in the hands of someone with experience and knowledge can help set your mind at ease. When you’re visiting a facility, don’t hesitate to ask about what kind of training and background the staff has. You should also ask whether there is a veterinarian on staff, or what the facility will do in case of medical emergencies.

Talk to fellow dog owners among your friends and colleagues to see if they have any recommendations, too. With some careful research, you can ensure that your dog will be safe and happy at a boarding facility while you’re away.