What’s the difference between holistic and traditional veterinarians?

by Sojos | November 02, 2012

Keeping pets safe, sound, healthy and happy is something every dedicated owner wants to accomplish. The unconditional bond you share makes you willing to go the extra mile to maintain your animal’s wellness - but what’s the best option for doing so? For many people, the method of safeguarding a pet’s health is changing, moving away from traditional veterinary medicine to a more holistic approach.

If you’ve always wondered what the difference between a holistic and traditional vet is, there are a few things to understand.

Start with the idea that a holistic approach is meant to not just treat problems or symptoms as they arise but to encourage wellness in the whole animal. That means that, instead of reacting to a particular problem and treating just one thing at a time as a traditional vet would do, holistic treatment focuses on creating a high level of overall health as a preventive measure. The idea is that the healthier your pet is, the fewer diseases he will develop over time.

Holistic veterinarians have specialized training that focuses on a variety of skills and specialties in addition to mastering surgical procedures and applied medicine. Veterinary acupuncture, holistic medicine, herbal medicine, and chiropractic care are among some of their healing practices. The focus is not just on the symptom at hand, but on the whole picture of wellness  – or a lack thereof. Because of this, holistic vets focus on nutrition and they study the importance of it in school and beyond. For this reason, they often recommend raw dog food, which has more bio-available nutrients and is more in line with a dog’s natural digestive processes than regular kibble. The more nutrients a dog receives through his diet, the more able his body is to deal with potential problems. Holistic vets might also prescribe herbal supplements or other natural medicines that can help to treat or prevent certain health concerns.

Some conventional vets are beginning to understand the importance of diet and the role it plays in the health and wellness of our beloved pets. But, more often than not, to help condition your pet for better, more complete wellness, visiting a holistic vet could be the answer to giving your dog a longer, more healthy life.