Yellow Dog Project tells the world to give a pup some space

by | June 05, 2013

Most dog owners have been on both sides of this equation: An eager dog-lover approaches a dog, and the pup has a negative reaction -either barking, nipping or running away. It’s upsetting and embarrassing, but it’s hard to place blame in that situation. Some communication might have saved the day.

Unfortunately, in those split-second moments, there’s not always enough time to have a conversation. That’s where The Yellow Dog Project comes in. The worldwide initiative is an effort to wordlessly communicate to a passerby that a dog needs some extra space. Owners are simply encouraged to tie a yellow ribbon onto a dog’s leash as an indication.

Dogs that are in training, have recently had surgery or are going through rehabilitation might need extra space for obvious reasons. Post-op dogs might be wearing bandages or cones, or still have some residual soreness. Owners with dogs in training might be concerned about their efforts being undone, while dogs in rehabilitation might be in the process of overcoming physical or psychological issues. And, of course, there are some dogs that are simply uncomfortable around humans and other dogs they don’t know.

Awareness is critical, not just to the project, but to the owners of the many “Yellow Dogs” around the world. The initiative is going strong in 47 countries. If your dog needs some extra room, tie on a yellow ribbon (or anything yellow) and spread the word the next time you’re out for a walk!