Can’t you smell that smell?

Cat owners know that one of the least glamorous parts of being the perfect pet parent is cleaning out your cat’s litter box. While they get to have their own private bathroom within the home – which dogs surely envy – that little box can cause quite the stink if it’s not properly maintained.

Cat litter: What’s the scoop?

At the pet supply store, the choices of cat litter are mind-boggling. For a long time, clay and clumping litter were your only choices. But they have downsides that many owners want to avoid:

Cats and finicky eating

Even for devoted cat owners, cats can be a bit of a mystery. Of course, that’s part of what makes them so fun to live with. From their peculiar behaviors to their range of vocal tones, cats will keep you on your toes. Unfortunately, many cats have a quirk that can be a real concern to their owners: picky eating.

Cats and grooming: Helping your cat look and feel her best

Cats have a reputation for being low- or even no-maintenance when it comes to keeping clean. It’s true that they’re a fastidious species, but grooming is something that most cat owners will have to think about at some point in their pets’ lives.  As an added benefit, grooming can help keep your cat’s shedding under control, cutting down on the amount of cat hair you need to deal with in your home.

Cats and taurine: Is your feline friend missing out on an essential element?

Cats are unique creatures - any owner will confirm that with a litany of stories about her cat’s peculiar habits. But they’re not just set apart by their exceptional talent for starring in Internet videos. Cats have unique health needs to keep them up for their busy schedules of mischief, snuggles and jumping on top of the refrigerator.

Eye of the (tiny) tiger: Keeping your cat’s eyes healthy

Good vision is critical to quality of life for your cat, so doing what you can to maintain her eyesight is incredibly important. Knowing how to spot problems is key, but so is maintaining a lifestyle that supports her eye health. Whether you’ve got a new kitten or a senior cat, you can do a number of things to ensure she can see clearly for as long as possible.

Is it possible to train a cat?

“That’s like herding cats” is an old phrase used to describe a particularly difficult or unwieldy task. Cats definitely have a reputation as being more independent and unconcerned about listening to the “rules”, compared to their canine counterparts. But as plenty of cat owners have learned, it really is possible to train a cat – even if you can’t herd a whole group of them.

Laser pointers: Are they a safe toy for your cat?

Watching your cat dart across the room after a laser pointer may appear like a harmless game, but is it really safe? Cats seem to enjoy frantically chasing the little red dot from corner to corner and up the wall. While laser pointers may seem like a good way to exercise and entertain your cat, they may not be a safe toy.

Making sense of cat myths and legends

Cats have a long history as companions to their human owners, and some seriously wild stories have come out of all those centuries. In some societies, they were treasured; in ancient Egypt, cats were so loved that owners shaved their eyebrows in mourning when a prized pet feline died. In others, cats were on the receiving end of dangerous superstition and were seen as the companions of witches.

Pick of the litter: What to consider when choosing a cat breed

When you decide to bring a new pet into your home, there are many factors you should consider when selecting a cat breed. While dog breed information seems readily available, it can be tricky to find information about cat breed temperament and activity level, whether you are adopting a cat from the shelter or selecting one from a holistic breeder.

Spotting skin problems in cats

A shiny, soft and full coat is a telltale sign of a healthy cat. Logic says that the exact opposite is true as well: if your cat’s coat isn’t looking so good, it’s a sign that her health isn’t up to par. Unfortunately, there is a whole host of skin diseases that your cat can come down with – and it’s up to you as the owner to be able to spot them, treat them and prevent them for the future.

The declawing debate: What’s best for your cat?

Much like roses have thorns, cats naturally come with claws. What can be useful tools – and, in the wild, a necessary evolutionary trait – can also cause problems in the home. When kitty starts to scratch on a beloved piece of furniture, it can be an expensive frustration. In many cases, avoiding those frustrations is the reason behind getting a cat declawed. Before you make the decision to do so, it’s important to know some key facts about the procedure.

Watch those paws: how to care for your cat’s feet

Your cat has impeccable hygiene; she’s constantly licking those paws, grooming herself and keeping squeaky clean. This doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for grooming, though. Keeping her paws healthy is essential for her overall wellbeing. Here are some tips to keep kitty’s kickers in top shape: Scratch, scratch

What’s new, kitty cat? Things to know when bringing home a new cat

It’s easy to fall in love with cats – and because of that, it’s easy to want more than one. If you already have a cat, however, adding a new one to the household should inspire some serious consideration and planning. Without it, the introduction of a new purring bundle of joy could lead to some unwanted chaos. Whether you’re considering a kitten or an older cat, keep these tips in mind to make the transition smooth and less stressful for you, your existing cats and the new kitty on the block.

‘Fraidy felines: Understanding skittish cats – and how you can help them

You want your pet to be a confident, happy member of your family. A confident pet will be more interactive and spend more time with you, and most of us want all the extra snuggle time we can get with our little buddies. But, many cat owners have to cope with pets that are skittish and scared, which can leave owners feeling like they’ve done something wrong – and lead to a less-than-ideal relationship.