Add some pep to your step: how to make your dog walk more fun for you and your pooch

Walking your dog daily is a great way to exercise him physically and mentally. A well-exercised dog is far more likely to behave well within your home, so you’re both happy. But if you take the same route everyday and walk at the same time each afternoon, it might be time to add some zest to your walk. Here are some ways to add a little pep to your step: Grab a buddy

Deciphering your dog’s metabolism type

Each dog is one of a kind. His personality, his coat, his nose, and his metabolic type are unique. A dog’s diet should fit his individual needs and will depend on his size, age, activity level and metabolic rate. But just because you have a large dog doesn’t mean he will burn off a large amount of food. Depending on your dog’s metabolic rate, a small dog may require more than his larger, slow-metabolism counterpart. Dogs are omnivores and despite their metabolic rate, they should consume a balanced diet of protein and plant-based foods.

Holistic tick solutions for summer and beyond

What could be more fun than a spring or summertime hike with your dog? Getting out into the wilderness sounds like a blissfully carefree activity until you remember one thing: ticks. Every field of tall grass, every thicket of trees, every meadow of wildflowers is potentially crawling with those nasty parasites that can do much more damage than giving you a case of the heebie-jeebies.

Winter fun: Staying active to help your dog avoid cabin fever

The instinct is strong, whether you’re human or canine: When the cold winds start to blow, it’s hard to resist curling up to stay cozy and warm. But after a few weeks – or months – of laying low, we all get a little stir-crazy and want to get moving.