Add some pep to your step: how to make your dog walk more fun for you and your pooch

Walking your dog daily is a great way to exercise him physically and mentally. A well-exercised dog is far more likely to behave well within your home, so you’re both happy. But if you take the same route everyday and walk at the same time each afternoon, it might be time to add some zest to your walk. Here are some ways to add a little pep to your step: Grab a buddy

Dog yoga: The benefits of poses with your pet

There are millions of human yogis in America, but there is also a growing number of four-legged acolytes of the age-old Indian wellness practice. Pet owners who enjoy the calming, centering and health-promoting effects of yoga are keen to get their best friends in on the benefits.

How is your lifestyle affecting your dog’s health?

Both humans and dogs are dealing with obesity in increasing numbers. More than half of American dogs (52.5 percent) are overweight or obese, according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. It’s hard not to think there’s a connection. For the good or for the bad, is your lifestyle affecting you pet’s?

Keep that puppyish figure! Using food to maintain your pet’s weight

Pet obesity has been getting a lot of notice in recent years, as our four-legged buddies’ waistlines expand right along with those of many humans. And just as in humans, diet and exercise are the two key factors in how your pet gains - or doesn’t gain - weight. 

Winter fun: Staying active to help your dog avoid cabin fever

The instinct is strong, whether you’re human or canine: When the cold winds start to blow, it’s hard to resist curling up to stay cozy and warm. But after a few weeks – or months – of laying low, we all get a little stir-crazy and want to get moving.