Keep cool this summer

Summer is finally here and there’s almost nothing better than enjoying a day in the outdoors with your pooch. But while you soak up the sun, your pup may be too toasty! Keep your pooch cool this summer: Hydrate

Winter fun: try skijoring with your dog

Most people know what dog-sledding looks like, but what about skijoring? Skijoring is a mix between cross-country skiing and mushing. Residents of icy climates have long practiced this winter sport, and it’s now gaining popularity all over the world. When skijoring, a dog connected by harness, pulls a person on cross-country skis. Whether you are a competitor or just trolling around the park, skijoring is a great way to have some fun with your pooch during the frigid winter months. Almost any dog breed can try this sport, but should be over 30 LBS.