Getting to know Chinese traditional medicine – and how it can help your dog

In recent years, there’s been a growing awareness among both regular people and health care professionals – including veterinarians – about the benefits of non-Western medicine. In many cases, it used to be called “alternative” but is now called “complementary,” illustrating a widening perspective about what treatments are effective. Chinese traditional medicine, having been practiced for thousands of years, naturally captures attention for its longevity and effectiveness.

Grumbly tummies: How to help your dog deal with stomach upset

If you own a dog, you have, at some point, looked at him and wondered how on earth his stomach can rumble and squeak quite so loudly. But while those sounds might inspire amazement, they’re also a signal that your dog isn’t feeling well. And if the discomfort we humans get from stomach upset is any indication, he can really be miserable. So, what can you do to help him feel better?

Ingredient profiles: The herbs that do good for your dog’s diet

For millennia, people have used herbs to treat illness and bolster their health. We might not necessarily think of those healing properties when we grab a sprig or a leaf to season our foods, but the value they possess for flavoring is certainly equal to their value to our well-being – and that of our pets.