Slow Down: How to help your dog take his time at mealtime

Does your dog wolf down his meal in a matter of seconds? Most dogs love food—cry for treats—beg for a bite and go absolutely bananas at mealtime. The fresh ingredients in Sojos all-natural raw dog foods can be absolutely tantalizing for your furry friend, so it’s no wonder he’s ready to scarf it down ASAP! Excitement is totally normal, but when your dog eats his breakfast in a few seconds flat, it might be time to try and slow him down.

why is my dog so gassy?

Can your dog clear a room because of his flatulence? It’s not his fault! All dogs are prone to gas, especially if you feed them a low-quality food with fillers and artificial preservatives, random table scraps or too many snacks. Food allergies and eating too fast can contribute as well.