Before you enroll, tips for choosing a dog trainer.

Whether it’s intentional or not, our canine companions are always learning from us. The challenge is making sure the lessons are positive and constructive—and, above all, fun for everyone involved. To that end, professional trainers are invaluable. They help us teach our dogs to eagerly respond to instruction and happily follow the rules. And as a bonus, a well-run obedience class is a blast for both of you—not to mention, a great place to set up some doggie playdates.

Is it possible to train a cat?

“That’s like herding cats” is an old phrase used to describe a particularly difficult or unwieldy task. Cats definitely have a reputation as being more independent and unconcerned about listening to the “rules”, compared to their canine counterparts. But as plenty of cat owners have learned, it really is possible to train a cat – even if you can’t herd a whole group of them.