5 things you can do to make your summer cookout dog friendly

Summer’s in full swing and that means getting outdoors to enjoy the sunshine. And on those glorious sunny days, what could be better than a good, old-fashioned cookout? But before you invite your friends and head to the park, or even just the backyard, make sure that your cookout is safe for your dog.

America’s most dog-friendly cities: San Diego

With a reputation for weather that’s pretty much perfect all year round, it’s easy to imagine that San Diego is a great place to be a dog.  But weather isn’t the only important component in creating a truly dog-friendly city (after all, Minneapolis-St.

Camping with your dog: Answer the call of the wild safely

Next time you head out on an outdoor overnight adventure, bring along your furry friend. Camping with your dog can be a great experience for the both of you—you’ll enjoy his companionship and he’ll enjoy exploring the great outdoors. Here are some things to keep in mind to help make sure your camping trip goes off without a hitch. Don’t force an indoor dog outdoors