Can Dogs Really Be Vegetarians?

Many vegetarian dog owners have questions about whether or not a vegetarian diet for dogs could be feasible or even healthy. After all, much has been made of the fact that dogs are omnivores – meaning they eat both plants and meat. If this is true, shouldn’t they do just as well on plant-based diets as meat-based ones? The answer to this question can be found by looking at the circumstances of canine evolution and examining the anatomy of a dog’s digestive system. 

is raw dog food dangerous?

News spread Friday that fourteen people spread across nine states had become ill from salmonella poisoning after handling tainted dog food. As an advocate of raw pet food, It was interesting to see that the food in question was a cooked kibble.

Making sense of cat myths and legends

Cats have a long history as companions to their human owners, and some seriously wild stories have come out of all those centuries. In some societies, they were treasured; in ancient Egypt, cats were so loved that owners shaved their eyebrows in mourning when a prized pet feline died. In others, cats were on the receiving end of dangerous superstition and were seen as the companions of witches.

Protein: The more the merrier?

No question about it, protein is the basic building block for life. But like most good things, there’s a case to be made for moderation. Although it’s widely believed that feeding more than the recommended amount of protein has no adverse effects, too much protein can accumulate as fat and lead to potential weight problems for your dog.

Walk on the wild side: Why some dog owners opt to feed exotic meats

One of the greatest benefits of feeding a raw dog food diet is that it can easily be customized. While there are products like Sojos Complete that take all the guesswork out of raw dog food, for owners who want to customize their pets’ meals, raw food mixes without meat are a great option.