How to deal with the loss of a pet

Pets play such an integral role in our lives. They greet us in the morning with kisses, they welcome us home with wagging tails, and bring a smile to our faces on the days when nothing else seems to do the trick. Pets are a part of our families and when we lose a pet, it can be difficult to deal with that loss. It is not unusual to feel a deep sense of grief when a pet dies. After forming such a strong bond, severing that tie can be painful.

The importance of food for senior dogs

Your aging dog doesn’t give you any less love than he did as a puppy. But in his golden years, things naturally change – his activity levels might shift into a lower gear, his weight might change and he might face the signs of aging that affect all of us, human or dog, like arthritis, hearing loss or impaired vision. While no owner can stave off all the side effects of growing old for their dog, what you feed him can make an enormous difference in his quality of life.