5 things you can do to make your summer cookout dog friendly

Summer’s in full swing and that means getting outdoors to enjoy the sunshine. And on those glorious sunny days, what could be better than a good, old-fashioned cookout? But before you invite your friends and head to the park, or even just the backyard, make sure that your cookout is safe for your dog.

Beyond Lyme: The other disease threats posed by ticks

Outdoor fun, especially in the warmer months, always carries with it the possibility of picking up ticks. Those nasty little parasites are famous for hitching rides on humans and dogs alike, and are notorious as carriers of Lyme disease. But did you know that ticks can carry a variety of other diseases that threaten your dog’s health?

Gear up for summer

The temperature’s rising, which usually means you want to get your furry friends into the beautiful outdoors. This summer, make sure you’re prepared with gear to make the most of your warm-weather adventures. For your camping trip

Help your dog keep his cool

Summer is a fun time for dogs and their owners. There are lots of opportunities for walks, runs, swims and relaxing together in the sunshine. Dogs can easily get overheated, though, and owners need to watch for signs of hyperthermia (elevation in body temperature). Heat stroke in dogs is a serious condition that can be avoided! Your dog sweats through his foot pads and releases heat by panting. Neither of these is adequate when it’s really hot out there, so you need to make sure he doesn’t overheat.

Holistic tick solutions for summer and beyond

What could be more fun than a spring or summertime hike with your dog? Getting out into the wilderness sounds like a blissfully carefree activity until you remember one thing: ticks. Every field of tall grass, every thicket of trees, every meadow of wildflowers is potentially crawling with those nasty parasites that can do much more damage than giving you a case of the heebie-jeebies.

Keep cool this summer

Summer is finally here and there’s almost nothing better than enjoying a day in the outdoors with your pooch. But while you soak up the sun, your pup may be too toasty! Keep your pooch cool this summer: Hydrate

Love your pets and leave them at home

It’ summertime and temperatures are heating up! You love your dog, and want to bring him with you whenever you can. Sometimes, though, it’s better to leave Fido at home. When you’re headed to a place that does not allow dogs, consider what could happen when you leave your pet unattended in the car.