America’s most dog-friendly cities: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the country, home to more than 70 different ethnicities. That diversity is reflected in the area’s architecture, artwork, cultural centers and cuisine. The city is home to more than 550,000 residents, and both humans and pets will discover many fun activities in the Duke City, as it’s known.

America’s most dog-friendly cities: Asheville, North Carolina

Southern charm with no shortage of style: that’s Asheville in a nutshell. The city’s spirit is steeped in the arts as much as the outdoors, and its spectacular setting in the Great Smoky Mountains is inspiring to people who love both. For vacationers and locals alike, the added bonus is that the city of roughly 85,000 residents is incredibly pet-friendly.

America’s most dog-friendly cities: Atlanta

Atlanta is a buzzing metropolis that is a major hub in the southern United States. The city boasts an amazing arts culture, a breathtaking aquarium, headquarters of big businesses like Coca-Cola, and quaint surrounding neighborhoods. The variety you will find in Atlanta is sure to have you coming back for more.

America’s Most Dog-Friendly Cities: Boston, Mass.

Boston is much more than one of America’s largest cities – it’s one of the country’s most outstanding travel destinations. History buffs, foodies, art lovers and others all have an endless list of reasons to visit, and dog owners should certainly be counted among the population who will love a trip to Boston. The city stands apart as a dog-friendly destination, as well as a great place to call home.

America’s most dog-friendly cities: Charlotte, N.C.

The “Queen City” of Charlotte, N.C. lives up to its nickname with true genteel character. It’s a place that’s bustling with business as one of the biggest banking centers in the United States, but it also has a strong cultural heartbeat and visitors are always treated to a generous dose of the famed Southern hospitality – even if the visitors are four-legged. If you’re traveling with your pup, you’ll find plenty to enjoy in this dog-friendly city.

America’s most dog-friendly cities: Chicago, Illinois

The “windy city” is known for its thriving metropolis and bustling culture. As the third largest city in the United States, Chicago has a lot to offer. From amazing museums and shopping to world renowned restaurants and sports teams, Chicago has something for everyone. No matter what brought you and your dog to the biggest city in the Midwest, be sure to check out some of the best dog-friendly sites while you are in town.

America’s most dog-friendly cities: Louisville, Ky.

If you’re looking for a hassle-free vacation with plenty of beautiful country scenery, rich history, architecture and the small-city charm, take a quick trip to Kentucky. Tour the Kentucky Derby Museum, or a race at Churchill Downs, visit one of the many performing arts centers or one of the many amazing restaurants. Without making your way too far south, Louisville offers the warm southern hospitality and delicious dining that the south is recognized for, and, it’s a great place for Fido to visit!

America’s Most Dog-Friendly Cities: Minneapolis-St. Paul

In a country that truly loves its pets, some cities stand out for being exceptionally dog-friendly. From pooch-welcoming patios to abundant trails and parks, many factors go into making a town a doggie paradise. In Minneapolis-St. Paul – also known as Sojos HQ – there’s just about everything a dog owner could want. So, what is it that makes our hometown so dog-friendly? Here are just a few examples of amenities that keep people and their pooches happy:

America’s Most Dog-Friendly Cities: Missoula, Montana

If there’s one thing dogs love, it’s being outdoors - and the same can be said of residents and visitors of Missoula, Mont. Nicknamed the “garden city” because it enjoys a milder year-round climate than the rest of the state, Missoula has something to do in every season. And with a population that boasts one dog for every two people, you can bet that plenty of the activities in the area are pup-friendly.

America’s most dog-friendly Cities: Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee is the country music capital of the world, known for Southern hospitality and crisp fall colors. And while your four-legged friend cannot accompany you to a show at the esteemed Grand Ol’ Opry, there are plenty of activities fit for you and your pooch.

America’s most dog-friendly cities: Portland, Oregon

Portland routinely ranks as one of America’s best-loved cities, and if dogs could vote, they’d probably give it a bark of approval, too. The “City of Roses” is a great place to live if you have four-legged friends, but it’s also welcoming to visitors of all breeds. So whether you’re shopping for a place to relocate or simply your next vacation destination, check out what makes Portland so pup-friendly.

America’s most dog-friendly cities: San Diego

With a reputation for weather that’s pretty much perfect all year round, it’s easy to imagine that San Diego is a great place to be a dog.  But weather isn’t the only important component in creating a truly dog-friendly city (after all, Minneapolis-St.

America’s most dog-friendly cities: San Francisco

If there’s any question about whether the City by the Bay loves its critters, just look at its namesake: Saint Francis, the patron saint of animals. No, the name wasn’t chosen by pet lovers back in 1847, but it’s a fitting moniker for today’s animal-friendly town. In a city where dogs have been noted to outnumber children, there are lots of services and amenities that cater to pooches and their “parents.”

America’s most pet-friendly cities: Tampa, Florida

Tampa is a popular destination for eager vacationers of all walks of life. The sunny skies, lively city and plentiful beaches draw tourists from far and wide. Tampa’s rich culture hosts a diverse past and a unique blend of art and athleticism. Whether you are drawn to attractions like Busch Gardens and The Florida Aquarium or the sandy beaches of Tampa Bay, this city has something for everyone – even your pets.

Austin: The city with a Texas-sized heart for dogs

Traveling with your dog is great fun—especially when you visit a city that’s as pet-friendly as Austin, Texas. It’s not only where you’ll find Lake Austin and the renowned SXSW music festival—Austin is home to long list of welcoming places for you and your furry sidekick. Stay

Babysitter’s club: how to select a sitter for your pet

Your love your pets—they’re a part of your family—so of course you want the best care for them when you’re away. Whether you’re travelling or an emergency requires you leave Fido at home, there are several options to consider.

Dog-friendly cities: Los Angeles

The only thing better than a trip to the Golden Coast is enjoying the California sunshine with your furry friend. Whether you live in Los Angeles, or you’re planning a weekend getaway, this city is the perfect place to bring Fido.

Dog-friendly cities: New York City

Traveling with your pup to New York City might seem outrageous to some—it’s already crowded enough—but the Big Apple is one of the most pet-friendly cities in the country. Just make sure Fido is on his best behavior and doesn’t mind the loud honking or crowds of people before you pack your bags!

Gear up for summer

The temperature’s rising, which usually means you want to get your furry friends into the beautiful outdoors. This summer, make sure you’re prepared with gear to make the most of your warm-weather adventures. For your camping trip

Keep pets happy and healthy while on vacation

Summer isn’t summer without a vacation, and there’s no better time of year to bring your dog along for the fun. As you plan the great getaway, whether it’s a weekend visit or a two-week camping extravaganza, make sure that your pets’ needs are covered and plan for ways to make the trip comfortable for them.

On the ground and in the sky, make travel safe for your pet

When nightmare stories about pets dying on airplanes make the news, it’s enough to make any pet owner weary of flying with Fido or Boots. However, there are situations in which you need to transport your pet over a long distance – so what’s an owner to do?

Pet-friendly cities: Phoenix, Arizona

It can be hard to leave your pet behind when traveling. Those pouty eyes and droopy tails give you the guilt trip whenever you bring out the suitcase. Many pet owners decide to take their pet on the journey along with them. If you pet enjoys traveling, then Phoenix may be your next must-see destination. This pet-friendly city has plenty to offer, from unique Southwestern architecture and geology, to a Wild West history and relaxing resorts.

Pet-friendly hotels 101: What to know before you hit the road

Traveling with your pet is a great way to spend time together and enjoy some new experiences together, whether you want to hit the hiking trails or explore a pet-friendly city. But when your pooch is along for the ride, there are a number of new factors to consider.

Should you board your dog or hire a sitter?

For many people, summer means out-of-town vacations. But what are you going to do about your pooch? It’s often not feasible to take him along, which means you may have to decide whether to board him at a kennel or select an in-home sitter. Each has its pros and cons – many owners worry that kennel management won’t be attentive enough to their pooches.

Things to consider when choosing a kennel

The holidays are coming, and for many people, that means traveling long distances to see friends and family and celebrate the season. For dog owners, that can also mean leaving their beloved best friend at home, either with a sitter or a boarding facility.