A holistic approach to heartworm

When warm weather finally arrives, dogs are just as eager to get out and enjoy it as their owners are. But both canines and humans alike face a trade-off: with sunshine and climbing temperatures come pests like fleas and the dreaded mosquito. Those biting little buggers can do more than give you an itch to scratch – they can give your dog heartworm, a potentially fatal parasite.

how to choose a holistic vet

If you’re like many pet owners, you grew up with the idea that there was only one kind of veterinarian for house pets. But that was then – now, pet owners have the option to take their dogs, cats and other household critters to a holistic vet clinic, where the emphasis is on wellness and treating the whole animal, rather than simply dealing with problems as they arise.

Kennel cough: The canine common cold

Tis’ the season, the sick season, that is. You’re not the only one who can catch a cold this winter; your dog can as well. Here’s what to know about kennel cough:

What you need to know about bloat in dogs

The statistics are scary. Bloat, or more technically Gastric Dilation and Volvulus (GDV), is responsible for tens of thousands of animal deaths every year. But if you understand the condition and its cause, it doesn’t have to be a worry. What is it?

What’s the difference between holistic and traditional veterinarians?

Keeping pets safe, sound, healthy and happy is something every dedicated owner wants to accomplish. The unconditional bond you share makes you willing to go the extra mile to maintain your animal’s wellness - but what’s the best option for doing so? For many people, the method of safeguarding a pet’s health is changing, moving away from traditional veterinary medicine to a more holistic approach.