What to know about Hypoallergenic Dog Food

What is hypoallergenic dog food? Hypoallergenic dog food is designed to avoid ingredients that are typically thought to aggravate allergies in some dogs. A hypoallergenic dog food is the best dog food for allergies. Hypoallergenic dog food typically contains a short, simple ingredient list with a single meat source. Raw foods can naturally help with allergies because they contain naturally-occurring nutrients and enzymes which help to break down and digest food.

GMOs in pet food: what to know

What are GMOs? GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism and refers to an organism or crop that is altered at the DNA level to strengthen certain qualities. GMOs are created for a number of reasons: to improve the nutritional value of a food, to create crops resistant to pests or harsh environments, etc.

weight loss: what to expect when switching to Sojos

Q: Is it normal for my pet to lose weight when switching to a Sojos diet?

conversation with an animal expert: Dr. Aronson

Dr. Aronson is the Veterinarian/Practice Owner at PAWS Integrative Veterinary Center in Tucson, AZ. When Dr. Aronson is not caring for animals and educating clients at P.A.W.S., he hosts a call-in talk radio show (PAWS Radio with Dr. Randy on 104.1 FM, Saturdays 8-10 am in Tucson and on 960AM, 7-8 am on Sundays in Phoenix). Q: How did you get into the pet industry?

conversation with an animal expert: animal intuitive and healer Bonnie Illies

Bonnie Illies is an animal intuitive and healer who has been in the pet care industry for 15 years. We recently spoke with Bonnie about her practice.   Q: How would you describe the type of work you do? 

conversation with an animal expert: homeopath Dr. Jessica Levy

Dr. Jessica Levy provides holistic veterinary care for animals in the Twin Cities. Since her vet school graduation in 1997, Dr. Levy has practiced small animal veterinary medicine at several Twin Cities hospitals, including owning her own full-service practice. She cofounded and ran the North Star Humane Society, which operated for 3 years and found homes for 450 cats, dogs, and small mammals. Dr.

conversation with a vet: animal homeopath Dr. Jessica Levy

Q: Why should pet owners take a holistic (more specifically homeopathic) approach to animal health care?

holistic: setting the record straight

From cough drops to pet food, it seems like everyone is claiming their products are holistic these days. The word ‘holistic’ has turned into the ultimate buzz-word and marketing tag for all things healthy. But what does it really mean?

it's a dog eat people food world

There is a common saying that pets should not eat “people food.” The myth is that feeding pets people food will not only give them diarrhea, but it will also turn them into beggars at dinner time. Depending on what kind of pet food you feed them and where, loose stools and begging can be avoided. There are some simple guidelines to follow when it comes to sharing the fridge and pantry with your pooch.

can pet food help with allergies in people?

Are you or someone you know allergic to your pet? Today in the US, up to 70% of households have a dog or cat and yet anywhere from 10-20% of the population has pet allergies. With numbers like that, chances are you or someone you know sneezes whenever they're in your house.