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GMOs in pet food: what to know

What are GMOs? GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism and refers to an organism or crop that is altered at the DNA level to strengthen certain qualities. GMOs are created for a number of reasons: to improve the nutritional value of a food, to create crops resistant to pests or harsh environments, etc.


broccoliWhy pay attention?

The FDA does not require either human food companies or petfood companies to label their products if they contain GMOs. This means you or your pet could be ingesting GMOs without knowing. GMOs have the potential to cause serious health problems both in humans and animals, so it's important to pay attention to ingredient quality. 



carrotsHow can you avoid GMOs?

Sojos pet food mixes are made from ingredients that are entirely GMO-free. We source free-range cows and cage-free turkeys that are GMO-free. Carefully read packaging on any food products you purchase and look for a GMO-free label, since food companies do not need to label products including GMOs.



basilHow do GMOs affect your pets?

There is much debate on the topic and few scientific studies to provide documented findings. However, many opponents of GMOs argue that food allergies in pets have increased with the increased number of GMO ingredients used in pet foods, among other more serious health issues.


Sojos wants to provide the healthiest all-natural pet food available and has a commitment to creating pet foods that are GMO-free.