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conversation with an animal expert: animal intuitive and healer Bonnie Illies

Bonnie Illies is an animal intuitive and healer who has been in the pet care industry for 15 years. We recently spoke with Bonnie about her practice.   Q: How would you describe the type of work you do? 

conversation with an animal expert: Dr. Aronson

Dr. Aronson is the Veterinarian/Practice Owner at PAWS Integrative Veterinary Center in Tucson, AZ. When Dr. Aronson is not caring for animals and educating clients at P.A.W.S., he hosts a call-in talk radio show (PAWS Radio with Dr. Randy on 104.1 FM, Saturdays 8-10 am in Tucson and on 960AM, 7-8 am on Sundays in Phoenix). Q: How did you get into the pet industry?

conversation with an animal expert: homeopath Dr. Jessica Levy

Dr. Jessica Levy provides holistic veterinary care for animals in the Twin Cities. Since her vet school graduation in 1997, Dr. Levy has practiced small animal veterinary medicine at several Twin Cities hospitals, including owning her own full-service practice. She cofounded and ran the North Star Humane Society, which operated for 3 years and found homes for 450 cats, dogs, and small mammals. Dr.

Give Your Dog a Bone (A conversation with The Canine Coach on keeping your dog’s teeth clean.)

We recently had the privilege of sitting down to talk about dental hygiene for dogs with one of Minneapolis’ top certified dog trainers and dog behavior specialists, Maureen Haggerty, otherwise known as “The Canine Coach”. Q. What do you recommend people do when it comes to doggie dental hygiene?

holistic: setting the record straight

From cough drops to pet food, it seems like everyone is claiming their products are holistic these days. The word ‘holistic’ has turned into the ultimate buzz-word and marketing tag for all things healthy. But what does it really mean?

who says a product is 'natural'?

Not long ago, a popular soft drink was re-introduced with the label “all-natural”. We found this odd in that there is nothing natural about soda pop. The second ingredient of this beverage is high-fructose corn syrup. Have you ever seen a high-fructose corn syrup farm or orchard? Of course there is no such thing, contrary to what this label may lead you to believe. The commercials for this product say otherwise: images of soda cans picked from trees like fruit tell consumers that this soda is different; this soda is what nature intended for you to drink.