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Sojos Surges Into High Gear 

July 2016 - Pet Product News 

Pet Product News offers an exclusive look at what’s brand-new at Sojos, the trends that drive the company and its products, and what the industry can expect from its founder, Ward Johnson, in the future. Read the full article here.




We Chat With Internet Sensation Doug the Pug, Who Just Wrote a Book

February 2016 - Dogster

Oh, Doug. How do we love thee? Since it’s nearly Valentine’s Day, let us count the ways; or rather, let’s get you to answer nine questions instead. Doug the Pug is the latest pup sweeping the Internet with his sass, wit, and love of pizza. Currently he has 3.7 million followers on Facebook and another 1.4 mil on Instagram, making him perhaps the most popular Pug online. Read the full article here.




Made in the USA: A PPN Industry Roundtable

January 2016 - Pet Product News

Retailers share what they believe the definition of Made in the USA should mean and what industry and customer trends they’re seeing on the front lines where American products are or are not being bought. Manufacturers respond with the triumphs and challenges of sourcing, manufacturing and employing in the U.S. Read the full article here.



Raw Potential

January 2016 - Pet Business 

In an exclusive interview with Pet Business, WellPet and Sojos officials discuss what drove a merger between two of the industry’s premier pet food companies, and what can be expected from the marriage moving forward. Read the full article here. 




Prime Time

November 2015 - Pet Product News

With an ever-expanding array of high-quality dog foods to choose from, retailers and manufacturers discuss what it really means to offer premium pet food. Today’s ingredient-savvy consumers carefully consider what they should—and shouldn’t—feed their pets. Because of this, the selection of dog foods in the “premium” category is on an upward trajectory. Read the full article here. 



Frozen Food Gets Hotter 

October 2015 - Pet Product News

Retailers report that frozen-raw and freeze-dried diets are more popular than ever. Some of the most healthful foods available for pets are frozen-raw and freeze-dried meals, according to manufacturers, who reported that the category is growing. Read the full article here. 



The Meat of the Matter

Fall 2015 - Pet Product News, Natural Pet News

When it comes to natural treats and nutrition, retailers must use accurate terms, clear misconceptions and explain the basic principles of this category in order to properly educate customers. With store shelves inundated with so-called “natural” products, it’s up to retailers to see past the hype and take a closer look at ingredients to curate their natural food and treat selections. We talked to 7 category leaders about educating consumers, defining terms and clearing misconceptions in the natural food and treats categories. Read the full article here.



The Sky's the Limit for Raw Diets

October 2015 - Pet Business 

With more dog owners dialing into the benefits of feeding their pets raw foods, the freeze-dried category is taking off, fueled by these products’ nutritional value, ease-of-use and portability. Read the full article here.



Doug the Pug

Summer 2015 - Animal Wellness

This comical little guy with “personality plus” brings love and laughter to people around the globe. Read the full article here.



The Wilder Side of Protein

July 2015 - Pet Business

Today's pet parents are not just bringing home the bacon, they are bringing home the wild boar-and bison, ostrich or kangaroo-as exotic-protein pet diets gain popularity. Read the full article here.





March 4, 2015 - Dog Milk

We don’t normally write about dog food here (it’s a passionately debated subject to put it mildly), but we’re huge fans of Sojos‘ treats and their new food is something we can definitely get behind! Available for purchase starting March 16th is Sojos Wild, a new line of ultra-premium, grain-free dog food made with raw, freeze-dried Venison, Wild Boar, or Wild-Caught Salmon as the number one ingredient. These shelf-stable recipes blend the convenience of kibble with the nutritional benefits of Raw: none of the nutrients have been cooked out and all you have to do is add water, soak, and serve! It’s a pretty great option for pet parents looking to feed their dogs the best without a ton of prep-work which, frankly, sounds awesome to me. Read the full article here.



More Pet Brands Target Owners Who Like to Cook Their Own Dog Food

May 27, 2014 - The Wallstreet Journal

Feeding the dog with Freshpet dog food is kind of like baking with a cake mix. Dog owners "know they're not quite cooking" when they mash the meat or mix it with kibble, says Scott Morris, co-founder of the Secaucus, N.J., company. "But they still feel emotionally rewarded for the effort." That insight is driving a big shift in the way companies are designing food for the nation's millions of dogs and cats. After years of steadily rising pet-food sales, brands are launching premium-priced products requiring humans to refrigerate, freeze, dice, heat and/or mix-in additional ingredients like meat and vegetables. Read the full article here.