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Frequently Asked Questions

Look for an all-natural, USDA-approved raw protein to add to Sojos Pre-Mixes. The type of protein you choose, depends on your dog’s individual nutritional needs and preferences.

Your local butcher or grocery store is a great resource for meat recommendations. For added convenience, buy fresh meat in bulk and make an extra-large batch of Sojos, divide into meal-sized portions and freeze.

Soaking improves digestibility. Cats and dogs have a strong but short digestive tract designed to quickly break down and absorb foods. Grains and vegetables require more complex digestion than meats, fresh fruits, and other foods, so having them soak in water at least 15 minutes for the SOJOS ORIGINAL and at least 1 hour for SOJOS GRAIN-FREE and SOJOS COMPLETE is critical to the success of the Sojos diet. Soaking overnight in the fridge is ideal.
We make Sojos on-site daily at our own production facility in Minneapolis, MN. So our products are very fresh. On each bag, you will see a "born on" date, and a "best if used by date". Even though the ingredients in Sojos can be considered "raw" because they haven't been exposed to heat over 118 degrees F, the low moisture allows for a long shelf life. Store products in a cool, dry place.
Domesticated dogs and cats are related to wolves and tigers. The PH balance in their mouths, the shape of their teeth, and their short intestinal tract are all examples of how their digestive systems are designed to handle raw meat. We’ve been recommending raw meat along with our pet food mix for over 25 years with fantastic results. Be sure to buy healthy selections of meat, always refrigerate or freeze, and follow recommended safe handling instructions on meat packaging. If you are still concerned, you can rinse meat in a solution of grapefruit seed extract and water or human-grade hydrogen peroxide. If you prefer to brown or cook the meat, add a general nutritional supplement or veggies to compensate for the live enzymes and nutrients lost to cooking.
Some people think that feeding “people food” to pets will give them diarrhea and turn them into beggars at dinnertime. Depending on what you feed them and where, loose stools and begging can be avoided. Appropriate “people food” includes fresh whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs and meat. No junk food. Second, if your pet has lived on processed pellets his entire life, and suddenly a fresh raw diet is introduced, he may have loose stools for a short period of time while his digestive system “wakes up”. Once your critter is properly transitioned to a fresh diet, adding other wholesome foods should not cause problems. Oh, and begging at the dinner table should not occur any more than usual, unless you are feeding your pet directly from your own plate while you’re in the middle of dinner. If you always put your healthy leftovers in their dish and place it in their regular feeding spot, begging should subside.
SOJOS COMPLETE already contains freeze-dried raw meat so you simply add water. With our other foods, mix them with meat and water. We recommend USDA beef, chicken or turkey (ground or whole cuts from the grocery store or butcher, or frozen raw meat patties sold at your local pet store). In addition, we encourage people to get creative and add a variety of healthy foods like carrots, beets, apples, broccoli, zucchini, green beans, sprouts, bananas, pears, brown rice, yogurt, and cottage cheese. Veggies should be raw or steamed. Avoid junk food, fried foods, citrus fruits, cooked bones, grapes/raisins, onions and spicy foods. Contact a holistic veterinarian for specific information regarding supplementation for pets with special needs. To find a holistic veterinarian in your area call the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association at (410) 569-0795.
We recommend at least a 10-day transition (3-4 weeks for older, sick or finicky pets). Soak a pinch of Sojos, meat and water (or just Sojos and water in the case of SOJOS COMPLETE) and add to the food you’re currently using. Gradually increase Sojos each day as you decrease the other food. Cats can be especially picky and may take longer to adjust to new smells, textures, and tastes. Patience and persistance is the key.
Generally speaking, a 10 lb. bag of SOJOS ORIGINAL or an 8 lb. bag of SOJOS GRAIN-FREE will last about 6 weeks for a 26-50 lb. adult dog – while an 8 lb bag of SOJOS COMPLETE will last about a month. An average sized cat will go through a 4 lb bag of SOJOS CAT Food in a little over 2 months.
Our goal is to make it simple and convenient for you to feed your pets real, fresh food. Our SOJOS COMPLETE already has freeze-dried raw meat in the bag. You simply add water. With SOJOS ORIGIANAL and SOJOS GRAIN-FREE, you add water and your own source of raw meat. To make any of our other mixes even more convenient you can make larger batches ahead of time and store them in the freezer. Many customers mix up 4 days worth and store several of them in the freezer, while keeping one in the fridge ready to serve. As you dish out the last meal from your container, transfer another one from freezer to fridge and it will be ready to serve at the next meal. This also allows your mixture to soak longer. You can also add other healthy leftovers, fruits or veggies (before or after you freeze it) to the presoaked portion. For best results, remove food from the fridge and wait 15 minutes or add a little warm water to bring food to room temperature before feeding.
Our food contains no fillers, so you feed less than what you would with traditional pet food. As a result, the price per day is about the same or less than most premium commercial pet foods. In the long run feeding your pets fresh, wholesome pet food can also save you money on vet bills.
SOJOS ORIGINAL, introduced in 1985, comes in one formula for dogs and one for cats. It contains healthy whole grains, ground nuts, sea vegetables, and herbs. SOJOS GRAIN-FREE consists of healthy dried fruits and veggies, herbs, and ground nuts. Both SOJOS ORIGINAL and SOJOS GRAIN-FREE are intended to be mixed with your own source of raw meat. SOJOS COMPLETE is our newest product. This grain-free food comes in two varieties with either freeze-dried raw turkey, or freeze-dried raw beef in the bag for added convenience.
Just like people, your pet’s digestive system needs time to rest between meals and therefore it is very important to establish 1 or 2 meal times per day. Imagine what would happen to your body if you snacked on a 24-hour buffet, all day, every day. Free-feeding dogs and cats causes obesity, digestive issues, bloating, and a general loss of the excitement that tasty food otherwise produces. To get your pet used to a schedule, simply place his dish out at mealtime. If your critter is accustomed to free-feeding or “grazing”, he may walk around the dish, pick at it a little, and then leave the room. Remove the dish after 15 to 20 minutes even if he did not finish eating and do not return it until the next meal time. He will quickly learn that there is a new schedule and you both will appreciate his new motivation and drive for meal time.

All of our Complete recipes (Turkey, Beef, Lamb, Venison, Boar and Salmon) include both muscle and organ protein—about 90% heart and 10% liver meat. Animal heart is an extremely nutritious source of muscle meat and liver serves as an important delivery system for key nutrients in our diets—which is why we choose to include those proteins in our Complete recipes.

Enzymes are found in fresh, raw foods and not only play an important role in digestion but support your pet's overall well-being.They help maintain a clean, healthy mouth-and fresh breath-for your pet. They'll help keep your pet's stool firm and regular and even help with gas or bloating. Enzymes allow your animal's body to absorb essential nutrients he wouldn't otherwise benefit from. And because his body is able to utilize those nutrients, his immune system is stronger. All the fruits, veggies, grains and meat in Sojos mixes are raw, meaning those crucial enzymes are intact and your pet will experience these benefits.