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Trek is a 4 week old orphan that was dumped on the side of the road near a fishing resort in central South Dakota. We took him in as a foster. For the first two days he would not eat a thing, we tried a bottle with formula, weaning cereal, wet dog food, dry dog food, and different kinds of treats. The ONLY thing he will eat are your freeze dried meat treats! We had received a bag of the wild boar in our BarkBox and he LOVES it! We cut them up in smaller pieces and he gobbles them up at every meal, will not touch anything else. ”

—Kim, Pierre, SD

Shih Tzu

My Shih Tzu puppy experienced his first Sojos treats in a BarkBox. Wow! He cannot get enough, he loves these more than any other treats so far. Very glad to be able to order from the company directly. No more middle man.Wish I thought of it sooner.”

—christine, olyphant, PA


Wiley is a 17 year old beagle and I am certain the reason that he is in such good health is because we have fed him Sojos for the majority of his life. Thanks Sojos!”

—Patrizia, Manhattan Beach, CA


I discovered Sojos when my yorkie was a baby---and I'm sure that his healthy, nourishing diet is the reason why now, at age 12, he has yet to show any signs of decline. Love Sojos!”

—Maryanne, Boston, MA


My little Chi-Pom named Joey was a mature-dog rescue when he was ten years old. Over the next two years, Joey seemed to get weaker and more problems developed such as recurrent stomach issues and losing the ability to climb stairs. I thought it might be age since I was feeding him cooked ground turkey, peas and brown rice (very healthy diet, I thought). When he started to not eat much, I decided to try raw food on the advice of a friend. Within a few weeks, Joey was eating all his food (the Turkey Complete Mix), climbing stairs, and had no more stomach issues at all.... it was amazing! Joey is now twelve and looks and acts like a puppy.... I will never go back to cooked dog food. Thank you, Sojos!”

—Tony, Walnut creek, CA


My Lulu is two years old and the vet said she needed to lose a couple of pounds, even though we go on daily walks and her snacks are veggies. I did not know what to feed her because she was already on grain free kibble. I reached out to Doug the Pug to find out what his human feeds him because he is in such great shape and close to Lulu's age. Doug the Pug eats Sojo's. Lulu has been eating Sojos Complete for two months now and she is transformed. Lulu is more energetic, she is at an ideal weight, her breath does not smell and no itching or yeast infections. Pugs are high maintenance and Sojos Complete has made such an incredible difference in Lulu's life. Thank you Sojos!!!”

—Juliet, Austin, TX


I raise Saint Bernard's and have never had any trouble with them bloating or having stomach issues. They have beautiful coats and no allergies. They eat a good quality kibble that I soak before feeding. I however have a new puppy, he is 18 weeks old now from a recent litter. His name is Hercules. He was the runt of the litter and was stepped on by his mom and has a few issues from that, so we kept him. He is growing but not like the other puppies. He however loves his food. My dogs have always gotten traditional kibble that we soak with a raw meal during the day. Often times I use the Sojos as a topper instead of wet food. Its great for me because I can soak the kibble and use this to mix in. Last week my first experience with a potential bloat occurred with this puppy. We are not sure if he got into one of the other dogs food, my dogs typically eat rather slow but do clean their bowls in about 30 minutes. Him getting into another dogs bowl the most likely possibility. At 2 am he was in pain and his tummy was hard as a drum. We did the whole emergency vet and x-rays and there was no torsion. He began expelling the gas on his own and eventually with a huge vet bill we went home. While at the vet she of course asked about his diet. I told her what he was eating and she knew of it but of course tried to tell me that raw food is bad and wanted me to switch to Hills wet or dry food. I declined as I chose not to feed that food. She of course recommended soaking his food or feeding him canned food. It was on the way home that we decided that due to this being an issue for him we would make Sojos his diet. He loves it, he eats alot but I find that good food is less expensive than the cheapest vet visit. Especially if it is an emergency visit. I make enough for 2 days at a time and leave it in the fridge. He knows the container and gets excited every time he sees it, even if its not feeding time. Since that night he has had less gas and although gobbles his food down, he has had no nonoccurrence of the bloating issue. This puppies litter, I actually weaned onto Sojo's. I ground it up int he blender to make the pieces more manageable and mixed it with puppy milk or water as they got older. They thrived. Healthy and happy puppies that never missed a meal. The food is wonderful and will be forever in my dogs feeding routine. Its easy to take with you anywhere, they love it and it provides the extra moisture my dogs need living int he desert and being traditionally cold weather dogs. Thanks for making a great product.”

—Cydnei, Santa Clarita, CA


My husband and I have spent the last 2 years trying to fix our English Bulldog's itchy skin...We have tried every allergy friendly food on the market, took out our grass and carpet, had him on regular allergy medication and nothing worked. We have had him on a Sojos diet for the past week and I am so pleased to say that he is finally sleeping through the night without itches and his pink face is now normal! He finally looks comfortable. Thanks for helping our pup.”

—Amanda, Mission Viejo, CA


Cocoa had been overweight since I got her in 2006. Despite exercise and various "diet" foods, she still wasn't really trimming down and she was listless, didn't play much. I decided to try Sojo's Complete turkey recipe and she is now at her ideal weight and maintaining. She hops around, plays like a puppy (she's 13 years old) and even the Vet remarks on how good she looks. Additionally, she doesn't have that "dog smell" that some other dogs have, and I suspect such odor has something to do with what the dog is being fed. She loves Sojo's, and so do I!”

—Suzy, Fargo, ND

Lily Bella

My lil yorkie Lily Bella started her life with a sensitive stomach. I tried many different foods but they never agreed with her. My vet told me she would probably have to be on prescription food for the rest of her life. That was not going to be a option for me since she was so young. I researched 'all natural' foods and tried Sojos and OMG the transformation was amazing! No more upset tummy for my little bean! Lily is absolutely crazy in love with Sojos! When I'm mixing her food she bounces around the kitchen dancing on her hind legs, barking, telling me to hurry up with her Sojos! Now there is never a health issue with her, no ear infections or upset tummies and her coat is shinny and beautiful and she has a sparkle in her eyes! Lily loves the grain free veggie mix. Thank you Sojos! You saved my Lily from a life of eating prescription dog food! p.s. She also loves your Good Dog dog treats! ”

—Judy, Greendale, WI


I fostered my dog Emma in Feb 2014 and she came to me with about 45% of her fur missing. She had come up from Alabama in July of 2013 with her seven puppies. She was really under weight and giving what she had to her beautiful puppies. When they were ready for adoption she was toast but adopted out. The next few months, she was so sick her body became full of sores candida, and mange. She was almost put down but the owners Vet gave her back to the Rescue and they nursed her wounds but she lost a lot of fur and more weight. I got her on a Sojo's/raw diet right away and she loved it and still loves it. She gained 8 pound and all her fur is back. She is so soft and very healthy/beautiful! I am so lucky she came into my life!”

—Sue, Minneapolis, MN


Snickers was my first dog, a German Shepherd/Collie cross, and I thought I was doing everything right. He ate the very best food according to the commercials on tv, and got what I thought was the best treatment at the vet when his body reacted to the sub-par food. When he was 7, I learned better and over the next six years I fed better and better kibbles, slowly climbing to the most premium brands that I could find and adding in fresh, raw foods. He was doing great! A bit hefty at 80lbs, but I thought his health was perfect. Then I left my job at a conventional vet to intern with a holistic vet who turned me on to Sojos. Snickers moved in with my parents while I moved out of state for the internship and while I was away, he needed surgery and the vet faxed me his surgical notes. I was shocked to see that he had ballooned up to 88lbs while living with my parents! When I moved home, I brought some Sojos with me. With no changes other than his food, within four months Snickers was down to 73lbs and he's better than I ever expected. He's lost a little bit more since then, but I haven't weighed him again. His teeth are clean, his coat is thick, fluffy, and shiny, and the only health issue he has is some old man arthritis and a few benign lumps, both no doubt caused by his sorry state of health for most of his adult life when I thought he was healthy. He turns 13 next month and I'm happy to say that, arthritis aside, he's in the best shape of his life. Its a little bittersweet as I wish I would have known earlier how to help him, but Sojos has made a huge difference for us. You just don't know how unhealthy your "healthy" pups are until they become the picture of good health. Thanks!”

—Myndi, Huntington, WV


Spanky is 9 1/2 years old and had struggled with gastritis for a few years before we found Sojos...Spankys coat is super shiny and doesn't have 1 grey hair! We love Sojo's with Turkey and he loves the little Sojo's treats...just the right size! ”

—Meghan, Eatontown, NJ


Lucky was rescued off the streets. My boyfriend and I saw him running down the sidewalk then into the street where he had been hit by an SUV. He layed in the middle of the street in front of moving cars just waiting to die. I wasn't going to let that happen in front of me so I got out of the car in moving traffic and stopped all the cars and tried picking him off the ground. Lucky bit me a couple times but it didn't bother me I knew he was in pain and scared. When we brought him home his bak legs were bloody and he could not walk but with prayers and therapy by his new family he is walking and running and now has a girlfriend. Proud to say he is a Lucky boy. (Left:Reyna Right:lucky) ”

—Amanda, San bernardino, CA


Mason has had many health issues in his life. After having colitis twice a couple of years ago, I started feeding him Sojos and he has not had it since. He has also lost weight and had started growing some of his hair back! I have fed him every high end dog food including raw and Sojo's is the best!”

—Michelle, Scottsdale, AZ


My Papillon Dini had a tummy ache no matter what we fed her. She had to lose weight but wasn't eating a lot. We tried expensive prescription diets & many other foods-dry & wet. Sometimes we had to spoon feed her so she would eat. She LOVES her Sojo's and no more vomiting or upset stomach. Dini's fur looks great too, less shedding. We are so thankful that our vet suggested it. The weight did come off just like the vet said. ”

—Linda, St Pete Beach, FL

Riley & Echo

Riley and Echo are both rescues and both have VERY sensitive digestive systems. Riley is the worse and when he was on kibble he had ear infections every other month prompting the vet to put him on a consestent dose of seriods (which had horrible side effects and can cause organ damage). Riley was also losing his fur, getting scabs all over his body and had a horrible coat. He would consently have diariah aswell. Echo developed ear infections, belly rashes, diariah and vomiting along with weight lose all while she was on kibble. If all that wasn't enough... Echo also developed kidney failure at 10 MONTHS old. After all of this... I was scrambling to find a healthy and holistic diet for both dogs. I came across raw food for dogs and was intrigued by it. I read and saw the benefits of the raw food but was worried about my dogs getting the proper nutrients they needed. A friend told me about Sojos Grain-Free Recipe Freeze-Dried Dog Food Mix and that all I had to do was add the meat with water. My main goals in switching my dogs to a better diet, was to get Riley off of the steroids and to get Echo's kidney levels lower. Never in a million years would I dream that this new diet would clear up every single one of their issues and ailments. Riley has not had an ear infection in over a year and is no longer on any medication. His coat is beatifitul and healthy, no more scabs or hair loss. He also no longer has diariah. Echo went from stage 4 kidney failure back down to normal levels!!! She hasn't had any ear infections for over a year and her persistent rash is gone. Exho no longer vomits up her meals and does not have anymore diariah. She has gained over 20 healthy pounds as well. Both of my dogs have cleaner teeth, lots more energy and amazing muscle tone since I started feeding them the Sojos Mix. I really credit Sojos and the raw feeding philosophy for saving my dogs lives. I am actually glad my dogs developed all the issues and ailments while on kibble, as they are what pushed me to look for a much healthier diet for my dogs. Thank you Sojos! Love, Riley, Echo & Kayla (Riley and Echo's mom)”

—Kayla, Moorpark, CA


My Bombay cat, Victory, was rescued by my boyfriend and I. His previous owner had him on crappy, cheap kibble, by-products and corn galore! He was missing patches of fur, and spent all day grooming himself and chewing. We finally got him on Sojos, he loves & THRIVES on it!!! No more fur tearing out, no more itching! I am soo happy at his transformation!! I wish I could of gotten Sojos sooner! ”

—Ashley, Dallas, NC


Teddy was in a kill shelter that still gassed dogs. One of the workers took to him and convinced a rescue group to take him in. No one could imagine why this good little dog was relinquished to a kill shelter - but as it turned out it was probably the constant ear trouble (yeast infections) and intestinal trouble. When I adopted him, he had loose stools constantly - and it even became bloody, but with no obvious "health issues". I found Sojos with no grains nand began feeding him that. The change was incredible and FAST! Stools normal for the first time, more energy and a happier attitude all around, and once I got the ears cleared up they finally STAYED cleared up. All he needed was the right diet. I wish his first family had realized that, but I'm lucky he lived for me to find out. Thank you Sojos!”

—Tanya, Orleans, VT


First, I feed raw meat, but want worried about my Cujo getting all the proper nutrition, plus he would get th raw meat everywhere, since he liked to find the most convenient spot. We had to stay in carpet & upholstery cleaner just to keep up. A friend of mine suggested Sojos. She posted her score of samples of Facebook. She gave me the info for the samples and Cujo loved all of it!!! Especially Turkey and Beef mixed. He liked the Lamb by itself. And he inhaled all the treats offered to him. He is finally back to his original weight of 18lbs. From 25lbs. It's a miracle in itself that he's even eating at all, he has food issues, he can take it or leave it. Feeding him is a constant battle! Thankfully he LOVES his Sojos, and I don't have to make him do anything when supper time hits! Thank You, Sojos, for not just making a great food my dog loves, and will eat, but making it GMO free, and nutritionally complete, also, tops the cake!”

—Ashley, Dallas, NC


When a adopted Cocoa she weighed in at a hefty 14lb and could barely walk. It took me some time to get the extra weight off, but maintaining was even more difficult until I started Sojos. Once referred to as a sausage, she is now happy and healthy weight.”

—Jessica, Milwaukie, OR


When I adopted Firkin 5 years ago she weighed 8 lbs, hence the name Firkin (a 1/4 barrel keg). Since feeding Sojos, she maintains a healthy weight right around 5 lbs! She's got a beautiful coat, waistline, and I know her joints are much happier. She and her brother Luigi LOVE the turkey complete and the mini bone treats. It's a non gross way to feed raw! Thank you Sojos!”

—Tracy, Minneapolis, MN


My archy is almost 14. As a puppy, he was fed him the "special kibble" his breeder recommended. I didn't know any better. His muzzle started turning a funny brown color. It made look like he got in the mud and no one cared to clean him. I was at a party and met some people who fed their dogs a raw diet. I mentioned the dirty muzzle problem. They suggested the kibble could be the cause of archy's dirty face. I was skeptical but started doing research. At the time throwing my dog a full chicken to chew on didn't seem right for me. I finally found the information on Sojos. I found a perfect solution to my raw food skepticism. I bought my first bag 13.5 years ago and haven't looked back. archy is one happy baby.”

—Mel, Chicago, IL

Bronx and Brooklyn

Our Bronx had horrible allergies. We brought him to the vet monthly for drugs. So not right! We changed his food to the miracle Sojos and haven't had an allergy issue in over a year! They dance at meal time cause they love it do much! We started our Brooklyn on Sojos when we rescued her! She goes crazy at meal time. I love freeze dried raw. Thanks Sojos.”

—Shannon, Brooklyn park, MN


Hobie was a rescue and while he is a young dude, he spends most of his time sleeping in between his 4 daily walks. After trying a so-called "high end" dog food, we noticed something different - he was gaining weight like crazy!! At his highest he was up to 64lbs! 15lbs up from his weight when he was rescued! Not only that, but he developed some kind of allergy where hot spots would pop up and his poor coat looked terrible! I talked to my local dog shop who recommended a different dry food and Sojos as a complement. Six weeks later, Hobie was down to a healthy 52lbs and has been there for over two years! He no longer has allergies and his coat is even and soft. He's a happy boy and I'm happy he is healthy and doing well. Thank you Sojos!”

—Alison, Torrance, CA

Booger and Bishop

I attribute Sojos to helping both of my boys!! I adopted my Doberman Booger from a dog pound about 3 years ago. His teeth were pretty brown, and I was planning to take him to get his teeth cleaned. My other Doberman, Bishop, was battling cancer (which luckily went into remission and he lived over 3 years longer than all the traditional vets said he would!) On advice of my holistic vet, Bishop was put on a raw diet. He had a rotated diet, but the majority of the time it was Sojos Grain Free, with different meats added. To keep life simple, Booger got mostly the same thing. I never did get him in to get his teeth cleaned (with all of Bishop's expenses), but it ended up not being necessary! The enzymes in the raw diet have cleaned his teeth - today they look great! No anesthesia, no expensive dental bills, just clean teeth! So the Sojos was major to both my boys - fighting cancer and cleaning teeth!”

—Christine, Lorain, OH


Kazoo is a puppymill dog. After 3.5 years of being a prisoner he was rescued. The result of years of poor food caused all but two of his teeth to rot, resulting in having to be pulled out. Kazoo was so used to small brown kibble that it was literally the only thing he would eat (even tried giving him bacon and all sorts of stuff)... until he tried Sojos! He also has NEVER, EVER taken a dog treat and today he did... it was the little pot pie ones that came with the bag of food. Though not a beggar, he is staring at the table where the packet of treats are!!! So excited I found something I can reward him with. Along with the great food for him to eat too. His favorites are the turkey meals. ”

—Jamie, North Royalton, OH

sammy sugar

Sammy Sugar came from a near by animal control and was very close (15 minutes) to being put down. He was covered in fleas and flea bites. He started eating sojos turkey and loves it. He had belly issues (before sojos) and does very well with the food. He is just the sweetest and I love feeding him your food!”

—karen, wesleychapel, FL

Buddy /Sheeva

2 German Shepherds LOVE Sojos. Today, our 40Lb bag arrived in local store. Each of them just could not wait to "dive in" well ahead of it being prepared :) A food product they love and enjoy each and every day. Thanks Sojos for offering a wholesome, healthy diet for "our kids." ”

—Randall, Seaford, DE

Elvis and Pache

I have 2 Jack Russell,s Elvis and Pache and recently been having bad issues allergy issues with Pache my youngest Jack and he is allergic to both chicken and beef. I was pulling my hair out trying to get a food that they both loved so very very much. Well I bought the Sojos Lamb Complete dinner and boy my 2 boys could not get enough of this food. I cannot say Thank You enough for making this food for my 2 fur-babies......I will only be buying this food from now on......”

—Deborah L Seligman-Dix, Sarasota, FL

Breaker & Stella

My two PWD's LOVE their Sojo's! As seen in the pic, Breaker had to be a 'bad dog' to get to his 'good dog' chicken pot pie treats!”

—Nicole, Minneapolis, MN


I can't tell you how much money I have wasted trying to find the "right" dog food for my two Bassets! I would "doctor" up a good quaility dry food up by making chicken to put in it. They would just pick at it and I'd end up throwing the rest out. I started mixing in Sojo's Complete Beef into the dry and they started showing more interest in it. But when I stopped giving the the dry food and just started giving them the raw, they gobbled it up and went around licking each others bowls! I am a foster mom for Bassets and they love it too! The one I have now has all kinds of allergies, mostly environmental but hoping this will help her.”

—Sharon, Sun City West, AZ


Sojos is the first food that resolved ALL our dogs allergy issues and emotional issues that were brought on by her constant rashes and broken, bloody skin. Jill is a Longhair Weimaraner. After spending over 2 years trying this, that and the othe along with huge vet bills for treatments, I found the Sojos food. I showed it to my new Holistic vet and she said it looked great - go for it! My dog's allergies slowly went away. She no longer needs acupuncture and only gets herbs in with her food. She is happy, healthy and just recently ranked the #1 Weimaraner in Rally Advanced A Obedience in the country for 2013! I am so happy with this food and recommend it to everyone!”

—Barbi, Canyon Country, CA

Rodrigo, Sydney, Scout, Zoey

We have 4 dogs on raw and a very busy life. We get our premade/mixed raw through a local co-op and it's frozen. Every now and then, I wake up and realized that I forgot to thaw food for the dogs, but I don't get stressed, because we always have a big bag of Sojos on hand and our dogs love it. It's a nice way to add more variety to our dogs diet and I trust that the meal will be balanced, healthy and all natural.”

—Kimberly, Marysville, WA

Stoli and Liberty

Sojos has been a dream come true for our Yorkie and Chihuahua! We have tried so many different foods, searching for one that we can easily manage their weight AND that they go crazy for. After a little over a month on Sojos and we have noticed such a difference in our dogs. Their teeth and coats look great. Both have started to shed their winter weight. Best of all is the happy dance they do while I am preparing their dinner. A great product that I see in my dog's future for a long time. ”

—Liz, Northfield, MN


My 12 yr old schnauzer Weird-Buddy was overweight with high cholesterol. Tried many dogfoods & his weight did not change significantly. After having several tumors removed, including a melanoma, he was diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disease called Wells Syndrome. His skin was terrible, he would get pustules that would ooze & bleed. Vet recommended Prednisone & antihistamines for life. I said "no way". I decided to go RAW & started feeding him Sojos, his weight dropped, his skin problems are gone & he has no symptoms of Wells disease. He even does doggie yoga!”

—Terri, York, SC


Is it the "Sojos Dance" or the "Pee-Pee Dance" -- they are so similar yet one has a completely different outcome than the other. One, if you ignore for too long you need some papertowels and the other, if you ignore for too long you find a puppy dog bowl sitting at your feet after being dragged around the house. Stella our almost 6 month old Silver Lab is crazy for Sojos. ”

—Brian, Burnsville, MN


When we brought home Linc, my husband said that he was the scraggliest dog he's ever seen. It was hard to argue. From the beginning we fed our dog Sojos. He had a double ear infection and super bad teeth both of which improved feeding by feeding him a raw diet. I HIGHLY attribute his success to a raw diet. His teeth were better after one year. He's never had another ear infection (which poodles are known for) and he's super healthy.”

—Melissa, Pasadena, CA


My dog loves his food so much he refuses to eat anything else. And for a pug, that's saying something!”

—Gemma, Billings, MT


I have a senior sheltie named Gator. When I got Gator he was 5 yrs old. At that time he had a fatty tumor on his shoulder. It stayed the same for years. Then about 2 years ago it started getting bigger and then another appeared on the opposite side but ran down the length of his ribs. He was diagnosed with Thyroid disease and started on thyroid medication. The vet was hopeful that would help control the fatty tumors growth. Needless to say it didn't. He developed more tumors. A couple of them had to be surgically removed. At that point I started doing research on what I could do at home for his fatty tumors. I found quite a few positive results feeding raw from other dog parents. So I figured I'd try it. Well, it has worked wonders. I buy the frozen raw meat and mix it with the Sojo grain free dog food mix. He loves it, he is feeling better, his tumors have shrunk. I have several other senior dogs and I've started mixing it in their food. They love it. ”

—Margie, St Petersburg, FL


I started my Chihuahua Buda, on Sojos complete on the advise from my pet food dealer. My vet had also told me he should loose a couple pounds and being a small dog, he really needed to. The other brand he was on just kept bulking him up no matter how much I cut it down. Once he switched to Sojos he started dropping weight slowly and now is almost at his goal weight! His coat got softer and he has tons of energy plus he really loves his food, I am thinking of switching my Min Pin over too . Your food is easy to prepare and is well worth the money. I've been telling my friends when they noticed Buda is slimming down what he's eating. Lots of compliments on making such a good and healthy food , Thank you ”

—Ann, Salisbury, MA


My 9 month old King Charles Cavilere, Pug, Shi-tzu mix has been eating a top name brand can food with hard kibble. I wanted to get him on a natural raw diet. We are gradually feeding him Sojos turkey mixed with his hard kibble. He loves the mixture and eats twice a day. He is a happy puppy who at only 8.5 lbs loves to run in the snow. Thanks Sojos for making a tasting product for my fur baby!”

—Tina, Superior, WI


My almost 13 year old cockapoo has been eating Sojos most of his life. He gets so excited in the morning when he hears the fridge door open and the clank of his bowl on the counter. He jumps. He barks. He turns in circles. Every morning without fail - his happy dance. Most people think he is a puppy when they see him on the street. archy loves his Sojos. I love the complete mixes. So forgiving and quick in the morning when "bad mom" forgets to make several days worth. Thank you Sojos. ”

—Mel, Evanston, IL


I have a 9 year old mini Schnauzer/Poodle mix and a 9 month old Kelpie. When I first brought the puppy home, my veteran seemed a little hesitant. They're best buds now, after some time (hahaha). I got some samples at a store I was working for at the time of Sojos. Tried beef, turkey, and fruits/veggies. They liked the turkey and beef, but the fruits and veggies?? They are IN LOVE with it. I mix it in with their kibble every day! My older pup has always been weird with chicken, so I have him on a duck formula kibble. It has helped so much with his coat and skin just adding the Sojos to his diet! No more dreaded "Schnauzer bumps". My younger pup isn't picky at all and doesn't have issues with allergies, but she loves it when she sees me pull out the green bag! They know now when my kitchen timer goes off that it's Sojos time. Both their coats are so soft and healthy!! They absolutely adore the mix, and I enjoy giving it to them knowing that it's good for them. Also since adding Sojos (and raw goat's milk) with my Schnoodle's diet, ALL of his dental tartar is GONE! and I do NOT brush his teeth!!!! I'm sticking with Sojos for as long as they are around. Awesome food, awesome kibble/raw booster. Awesome company! Thank you Sojos for being there for my four legged children!”

—Grace, Hyattville, MD


About 3 years ago I rescued a sick Chihuahua puppy. I fell in love with this little guy while I was trying to get him healthy. But, because I already had 3 big dogs of my own, I gave him to my mom & dad! He has been the love of my entire family ever since. Happiest little guy you could ever imagine. Over this past summer, he became lethargic and was not quite himself. My mother made an appointment for him for the next morning, but he barely made it that long. She woke up with him completely limp and lifeless next to her at 4am. She rushed him to ER where he had the four day fight of his life. He would not eat anything. He lost a bunch of weight... And because he has a lot of food allergies, the vet didn't have much to offer him. So, I went shopping. I brought in some sample packs of Turkey Sojo's and Stella & Chewy's amongst a BUNCH of other canned foods... He wouldn't touch anything besides the Sojo's and Stella & Chewy's. After a transfusion, fluids, all kinds of medications and ridiculous amounts of testing. They figured out he had atypical Addison's disease. After doing my own research, I found that dogs with adrenal diseases do much better if they eat a raw food diet!! I think he knew what he needed to be eating. So now he eats Sojos Turkey for his meals and is doing great!! The horrible itchiness and leaky eyes he used to endure from his food allergies are also COMPLETELY gone. All four of my dogs also LOVE Sojos! I work for a veterinary office and I often recommend Sojos to our clients!”

—Megan, Ferndale, MI


My precious mini-poo, Boo-Boo, is 13 and thanks to Sojos has been more active then ever. I realized the older he got, the more lethargic he would feel. I used to feed him Pedigree and by the time he was 9 (63 doggy yrs), he was sleeping all day, hardly active, and just acting "old." As soon as I changed his food to Sojo, it was like a miracle. I must have shaved 5 years off my pooch. Thanks Sojos!”

—Jeanette, Dover, NJ

Peyton, Ra, Missy, Beulah, Junior, Dolly, Raven & the Gang

My dogs eat fresh raw meat (like their ancestors, the wolves), BUT Sojos is perfect for my chickens and guineas over the winter. They're confined to their coop during the frigid weather to keep the warmth inside and they miss the variety of foods that they get when they free range (most of the months of the year). Sojos provides them with phenomenally healthy food during those cold, snowy winter months and I'm thrilled to have found a way to serve Sojos to animals other than my dogs. Thanks so much for his fabulous food.”

—Elle, Austin, TX

Largo, Kayla and Daily

I have 4 pups, every meal was the same, I would put down their kibble and then spend 10 minutes coaxing them to eat. I switched to Sojos about 2-3 weeks ago. I have one, Kayla, that has never eaten very much. She would if she had too. Daily and Kanga will eat anything and dance at the door while I am getting their meal ready. Well this AM my little Kayla joined the Sojos dance at the door. This is the first time since I adopted her that she has ever expressed interest in food. Largo, would stand and stare at his bowl of Kibble now he is a chow hound. Thank you so much for this great product. ”

—Debbie, Orlando, FL

Sammy Sugar

My boy Sammy Sugar has had belly problems. Once he was diagnosed with a mild case of Pancreatitis, I changed his food to Sojos Complete Turkey. He loves it and has had no belly problems since. Thank you.”

—Karen, Wesley Chapel, FL


Champ was a normal, active puppy but he started gaining weight after he turned 1 and we couldn't figure out how to get a handle on it. A friend suggested Sojos so we decided to try it. Champ LOVED it, and he has lost a total of 10 lbs since we switched to a grain-free diet! Not only has Sojos controlled his weight, his coat and digestion have really benefited too. Thank you Sojos!!”

—Tiffany, Torrance, CA


I adopted Abby, an 8 year old Corgi, this past February 2013 from the Humane Society. I immediately changed her diet to Sojos, as I had used the diet for my previous corgi. Now, 8 months later, I had a senior blood panel done at her recent vet visit. The doctor notified me that her panel was perfect...incredibly so! The doctor said her labwork looks like Abby is a 2 year old instead of 8 years of age, Thank you Sojos!!”

—Meg, Sebastopol, CA

Brady, Emmie & Cappy

I couldn't be happier with Sojos. First and foremost, my dogs absolutely love it. They were never enthusiastic eaters when it came to store bought kibble. Now, they jump and dance every time I'm fixing their bowls...and eat every last bite as quickly as possible. All health issues with our 12 year old mixed terrier have disappeared. No more cysts, no more allergies, no more ear infections, no more elevated liver enzymes. The other added benefits of this food are shiny, healthy looking coats and loss of excess weight. Our "incontinent" female Lab Mix hasn't had an accident in the house in months. The food is easy to prepare and I usually make a few days worth which is very convenient. So happy to have found this product!!!”

—Shannon, Atlanta, GA


We adopted Gizzy as an adult (4 years). She is a french bulldog. We quickly learned that bulldogs are famous for their flatulance and were careful to feed her the food the breeder recommended. She didn't seem to like the food, and her poop was runny. We are big whole food eaters at our house, and it seemed like poor Gizz was getting the short-end of the stick regarding diet -- and she was still tooting and farting. We decided to try something new, SOJOs! Gizzy LOVES it. She is such a happy eater now, her tooting is less, her poops are well formed and our family feels much better about what she is eating (grain free!, fresh veggies and dried meat!). Thank you, Sojos! We are HOOKED!”

—Nora, Minneapolis, MN


In December 2011, my cat Escher nearly died. He was nine years old at the time, and had diarrhea his whole life. No vet diagnosed him with anything specific, we tried antibiotics, anti inflammatory meds, steroids, prescription foods, and every "over the counter" food known to man. Nothing helped. That December, "Poof" (his nickname) suddenly stopped eating and drinking. He didn't play with his brother or sister, or cuddle on my lap like he does every night. I was terrified. I took him to the vet after 2 days of not eating or drinking, and after many tests, I was told it may be cancer in his bowels. I would have to wait nearly a week for an ultrasound to make sure. I cried every night at the thought of losing Poof. After the ultrasound, it was good and bad news; it wasn't cancer, but a very nasty bout of pancreatitis, which he had likely had his whole life, and had just worsened at that point. Steroids and enzymes fixed his bowel issues, but now the question was what to feed him? It was anyone's guess what would make the pancreatitis flare up. My friend's boyfriend works for Sojo's, and they suggested I try it after lamenting that so many different canned foods were either not helping, or not appetizing to Poof. I got a bag, and what happened was AMAZING! Not only does he love it, but he gained all his weight back, and is like a brand new cat. He's ten and a half now, but you wouldn't know it. He plays like a cat half his age, and looks healthy and handsome. His bowel problems are under control, and he is loving life! It's hard to believe that nearly 2 years ago I almost lost this cat I love so much....and I have no doubts that Sojo's helped save his life! Thank you!”

—Jenney, Minneapolis, MN


I have a 10 year old Boxer that has skin cancer. For the last year and a half he has suffered from a staph infection resistant to all treatment. I recently switched him to Sojos and within 10 days I noticed a remarkable change. The staph started to clear and he regained his appetite. He has put on a couple pounds and now is at the front of the line when it comes to feeding time. Thank you for this wonderful product! Keep up the great work!”

—Lisa, Roseville, CA

Santo, Lily and Murphy

When we adopted our boxer Santo, he had a severely broken leg and weighed only 32 lbs! The vet was worried that he would not heal properly from his surgery and would struggle to put weight on as well. Santo was also suffering from a sensitive stomach at the time and was on canned food with poor results. Once we made the switch over to Sojos, his intestinal issues cleared up and his leg healed extremely fast, according to the vet. As of today, our baby boy weighs approximately 60 lbs and is as healthy as an ox! All 3 of our kids, Santo (boxer), Lily (rat terrier/lab mix) and Murphy (Choc. lab) are eating Sojos and thriving on it. They all have great energy but aren't hyper; soft silky coats; and maintain a healthy coat year round. All 3 eat the same mix of Sojos Complete Turkey and Sojos Original. Love Sojos!”

—Adam, Saint Paul, MN

Trinity, Krash, Sitka, Thai

We love Sojos. It has done amazing miracles to our 4 dogs. We have started out trying to find the best dog food there was and plenty of samples and nothing compares to this food! We have an allergy dog and she is very special. She is blind, deaf and has allergies. She was also beaten and burned before we received her. The puppies, we have been starting them on Sojos too. We spend lots of money on food and this food does great for our fur kids! We love Sojos. ”

—Heidi, Aurora, CO


We are so thrilled to have found Sojos! Our dog was so lathargic and had a horrible smell coming from his mouth before we started. We had taken him to the vet numerous times to have his teeth cleaned and nothing took care of the the smell. Someone suggested we switch foods, we researched and choose Sojos. This not only took the stench away, but also brought the life back into our dog. He is now 10 years old and as agile as he was when he was younger. He is happier, we are happier and we are so glad we can pet him without having to scrub our hands because of the stench. Sojos is so easy to prepare each day and we couldn't be happier!”

—Alyssa, New Holstein, WI


A few years ago my JRT, Macey, was diagnosed with a non-textbook case (would not respond to typical treatment) of eye blephariits. Her eyes were constantly irritated and swollen with small white dots around them. Subsequently, we were referred to a canine opthamologist over an hour from our house. We went to the opthamologist on many occasions over many months. Macey was given pills, ointment, and drops which she needed several times a day. She even had to wear the infamous "cone of shame" to keep from scratching at them. I also had to wipe her eyes multiple times a day with warm water. Fortunately, at that time she was able to go to work with me. Sadly, nothing seemed to work. While all of this was still going on, I found a lump on Macey that proved to be cancerous. Surgery was a definite, but my vet indicated that we had some time. Through some online research I came across a holistic company and gave them a call. They educated me about Sojo's and I also purchased an Herbal Detox suited for dog's with cancer. Macey also received Reiki - a healing energy. A couple weeks of the Detox, Reiki, and the Sojo's and the eye issues and the cancer went away! I could not believe it, but my vet confirmed. Macey is now 7 and free of cancer and eye issues. Thank you Sojos!”

—Heather, Hanover, PA

Stella and Diesel

Sojos is such an revolutionary help for barfers. I was afraid by all the prep that I will have to do and I heard about Sojos. I save time and money! In addition, my boxer and my Aussie just love the product! During the summer, I also make some freeze treats with Sojos and my dog doesn't stop eating it until they're gone! It's such a great product and well balanced.”

—Marie-Michelle, Shefford, QC, MA


Finnian is my trusty German Shepherd Dog, who I've had the pleasure of knowing since he was a wee pup. We compete in AKC agility and he loves hiking and swimming too! He was diagnosed with arthritis a few years ago, and his vet recommended a switch from quality kibble to raw to help ease his symptoms. Sojos has helped both of us--it's so easy for me to prepare and he reaps the benefits for his joints, his coat, and his boundless energy even at the tender age of 9. We love Sojos!”

—Shannan, Arlington Heights, IL


We adopted our Emma, an English Bulldog, from the Indiana Bulldog Rescue in the summer of 2011. She had a rough start in life and was grossly overweight at 54 pounds. We were experienced bulldog owners and know all of the allergies, digestive and joint problems that can plague this breed. Determined to get and keep her healthy, we turned to our vet for expert advice. He suggested changing her food from premium kibble to Sojos Grain-Free so, in his words, she could eat like a dog was meant to. The weight came right off, her coat became shiny and healthy and her energy went from slow and low to athletic and playful. She now weighs in at a healthy 40 pounds, loves walks, breathes well and has no allergies. Emma loves to play and loves to eat. We supplement her Sojos Turkey Complete with a variety of fruits, veggies, eggs from our backyard chickens and treats. We couldn't be happier with her transformation! ”

—Jill, Zionsville, IN


In July of last year, I came across a photo of a shelter dog shared in a Facebook group on my phone. I was immediately in love with the picture, and commented about how gorgeous he was. I could not tell from my phone that he was in the county next to mine, of all places. This particular group has members all throughout North America, so what were the odds? Two days later I went "just to meet" Dante. He was sweet, but fearful. I took him home with me, where I renamed him Faolan, Gaelic for "Little Wolf." He was skinny, with a poor coat. My other two dogs are raw-fed, so I quickly switched him, using Sojo's Grain-free Premix and various raw meats and organs. He is thriving. He's a silly, sweet boy who makes me laugh daily. He is still slightly fearful, but absolutely adores people, swimming, and hiking. I could not love him more. ”

—Rebekah, Indianapolis, IN

Fency et Chase

My two dogs love Sojos. It is a simple and convenient food with our active daily life and during outings or qunand we must keep our pet. Their fur is beautiful. I think she may as well complete, when fed raw. Congratulations to your business.”

—Martine, Plessisville, Québec , Canada, CA


We have always tried to give Otto, our 10 year old German Shepherd, the best food possible but when he started developing cysts, we knew we needed to find something better... We switched him over to Sojos about a year ago and he hasn't developed a cyst since. Just last week it was determined he has a huge mass in his spleen. The vet said because of the extensiveness of the surgery and Ottos age, it would be difficult for him to recover. Since there didn't show any cancer had spread, we decided to go ahead with the surgery. Just hours after the surgery was performed, Otto was alert and moving around. It's been three days since the surgery and his energy level is that of a pup again. I absolutely believe feeding him Sojos for the last year gave him the strength to pull through the surgery and come out even stronger. This food has changed his life and ours. Thank you!”

—Tina, Las Vegas, NV


My little Mooka has always been a big girl. She is an Alaskan Malamute and last summer she was placed on Prednisone due to allergies. She ballooned up to almost 140 LBs and ultimately blew out her back knee. We switched to a holistic vet and she introduced us to Sojos. Unable to afford the surgery and with the inability to exercise, it was up to Sojos to help her lose the weight so she was able to get around again. Just by switching her food to Sojos, she has dropped over 30 lbs her coat is beautiful and we have not had any allergy problems. She is so happy my only regret is not having this info and food until she was 8 years old. THANK YOU SOJOS! ”

—Carrie, West Des Moines, IA

Huck, Wyatt and Lily

Huck, Wyatt, Lily and I train and compete in agility as well as love to hike all over the hills of Southern California. They love the Sojos and they look and feel good. The Sojos is great for traveling as well because I can just rehydrate it and put it in a cooler or a fridge and we are ready to go. ”

—Rhonda, Ramona, CA


I fed Sojos for several years with great results but with 5 dogs, I found it increasingly expensive in both time and money. I tried various high quality kibbles and even raw. Just weeks ago I went back to Sojos with Turkey Complete and Sojos Original. My 10 year old Whippet had reached the point of refusing just about anything I offered and did not even want to come out of his crate in the morning. Now he is back to his old self, zooming out of the crate and around the house, and dancing eagerly for his breakfast then cleaning the bowl thoroughly. No more walking away in disgust. The other dogs are equally thrilled to be back on their Sojos. ”

—Debbie, Robertsdale, AL


When our yellow lab tested positive for lyme's disease, our vet suggested a low protein diet like Sojos. Before Sojos, our dog tested high protein but a month later, all of his levels were completely normal! Thank you for perfecting a diet so that we can keep our baby around for years and years to come! ”

—Tiffany, Avondale, PA


My pug puppy Penelope is quite young and I want to feed her the very best diet. She loves her RAW Sojos mix and will have a happy, healthy lifetime eating Sojos! ”

—Genevieve, Missoula, MT


We just began feeding Lacey, our 3 year old golden retriever, the Turkey Blend of Sojos about a month ago on the recommendation of my aunt and the advice of our vet to give her a grain free prescription diet because of recurring ear infections and constant chewing of her paws. She had been taking hydroxine to help combat those allergies. Since beginning the Sojos she had not only enjoyed the food (she had been rejecting her dry food frequently), but there has been a significant drop in paw chewing, shedding and so far, her ears are doing well! I like knowing that what she is eating is pure, natural ingredients. She has also dropped a few pounds which is also great, keeping her on the lighter side of 70LB is our goal.”

—Jenn, Ewing, NJ


I have been a raw feeder for over 30 years and everyone said this couldn't be done with dogs who have Megaesophagus. That never sat right with me and when I adopted an eight week old German Shepherd puppy who'd been diagnosed with this disorder, I set off on a learning experience. She was failing to thrive. Nothing stayed down and while her spirits remained high, she was losing weight so rapidly I thought I would lose her to starvation. I have to admit that I started her on another brand of dehydrated initially. Once that worked and she was stable, I started her on Sojos and she loved it....she also did so well on it I began to feed it to my other two Shepherds. Ella is now 2 years old and 75 pounds. She might have been born with Megaesophagus but unless I tell people, they never even know she has anything wrong. All they say is how gorgeous she is, how silky soft and shiny her coat is and how white her teeth are....and what stamina and energy she has! She continues to thrive on her diet of Sojos mixed with raw ground much so that I will always keep a bag in the house. I simply rotate between flavors and different types of meat.”

—Ruth, Bremerton, WA

Ebby & Duke

We have 2 dogs, Duke a 4 year old Golden, and Ebby a 2 1/2 year old English Mastiff. Ebby has had all sorts of health issues since we first got him at 8 weeks. We have dealt with 2 pulled teeth, itchy skin and horrible upset tummies. We didn't want to keep on putting on antibiotics for the rest of his life! We tried several different foods before discovering Sojos, and are we happy that we found you! Our dogs are completely different animals. Ebby's stomach is settled, he is no longer itching all the time, and his breath is better than ever! Thank you Sojos for helping us have healthy, happy pups!”

—Caroline, Denver, CO


My Pomeranian has terrible allergies and would scratch and scratch her eyes and skin to the point of bleeding. I decided to try out a grain-free diet and started her on Sojos. Within weeks of switching, her skin issues were essentially gone! Now she has shiny, healthy fur and is itch-free! ”

—Sandra, Des Moines, IA


Meet Lucy, she is a Shih Tzu who loves to eat! Last February at her annual check up she weighed in at a whopping 21 pounds. My vet told me that I needed to get the extra weight off of her and to feed her less. I only gave her a 1/4 cup premium kibble twice a day and I was worried about her not getting enough food. My neighbor told me that her Shih Tzu Charlie loved Sojos and where I could buy it. I purchased a bag and began feeding her the portion a senior dog would get daily plus a handful of frozen peas thrown in for extra fiber. I just weighed her last weekend and I am happy to report that her weight is down to 17.3 pounds. My vet said she should be about 15 pounds and I am confident that she will reach her goal and maintain her new figure. I tell everyone I meet about the great results she has achieved eating Sojos Turkey Complete. I have found her forever food! Thank you for making a great product.”

—Ronica, Santa Rosa, CA


I volunteer for a rescue group and was brought a dog to foster, who was in very rough shape. We suspect Penny spent the better part of her approximately 8 years in a cage. She has rheumatoid arthritis and a host of other immune-system issues. Let me be clear that dogs like Penny do not make it out of the shelter, but something about her touched a shelter worker, and the rescue group's founder, so they pulled her from the pound. She could barely walk when she first came to me, the bones in her wrists having completely disintegrated, and she had no fur around her eyes, plus her skin was a mess. After a couple of weeks of being fed Sojos Grain-Free Fruit and Veggie mix and raw meat, Penny began to walk. She still has no wrists, but rather, walks on her 'elbows', gets eye drops twice a day, and a medicated monthly bath. Penny now runs, and on a good day, goes down the 15 stairs from my apartment on her own. Her skin is under control, and her eyes are much brighter. The rescue group specifically chose me to foster her because I feed a raw diet, and they know it's the healthiest. It's been six months, and I confess I am a foster failure, I formally adopted Penny. How could I not? The photo attached demonstrates the vibrant spirit inside her that is obviously what the shelter worker saw. Now her outside matches her inside! Thank you Sojos, for bringing Penny back to life. Look at that, it's time for supper!”

—Marnella, Los Angeles, CA


My rescued Pit Bull, Jazz, always chewed on her feet. After talking with a few people I decided to change up her food and go grain free/raw approach. I started feeding her Sojos and after a few weeks, she actually stopped chewing her feet! I was so excited! I am glad to say she loves it and doesn't want anything else. When I mix it up at night, she is right behind me with her cute begging face! It is so hard to wait to give it to her until the morning!”

—Laura, Windsor, WI


This is the secret to a happy dog - the Grain Free, with added raw meat bag when at home - and the Turkey Complete when traveling! Neptune loves her Sojos!”

—Anne, Quebec, QC, AL


Darby is 12 years old. He had the misfortune of eating recalled foods a few years back and along with genetic allergy issues and a liver cyst, had not found a food that agreed with him and that I felt was safe to feed him. We tried Sojos and his allergies are far less aggressive, his digestive system seems more intact with less constipation. He loves his Sojos! In fact he is now first at the dog dishes! The best part is, that with his arthritis and joint issues, he has dropped to a very nice trim weight so that he no longer has the additional stress on his bones. Thank you for a great food!”

—Mary, Little Falls, MN

Peaches & Trixie

My dogs Peaches and Trixie have been eating Sojos for around 6 months now. Peaches had some kind of dry cracked skin at the end of her nose for over a year and it has gone away since about a month being on Sojos. My Beagle, Trixie, has always had real wiry, coarse hair and she is much more shiny and soft. Both of their coats have become so much nicer! The quality of food your pets eat really does matter!”

—Jenny, Thompson, IA


Our four year old "Bagel" (beagle, basset, terrier mix) Miss Brandi eats Sojos to give her lots of energy, to keep her coat shiny and to help maintain her girlish figure. And this “fashionista” loves the taste!”

—Linda, Altoona, WI


Bowie with her scratching and licking was miserable until Sojos. She had been suffering so much, her skin was raw and red. She's allergy-free now thanks to Sojos. She feels great and spends much more time running with mom...and watching her chickens!”

—Amee, Minneapolis, MN

Salem & Momo

I have two awesome dogs: Salem, a 13yr old American Eskimo and Momo, a 4yr old Japanese Chin. Both are super sweet and very well behaved boys I would do anything for. So when Salem started loosing weight I became quite concerned. He has always been 27lbs his entire life no matter what. But just a few months ago, he started loosing weight and without any reason other than he simply wasn't eating as much as he usually did. He's never really been "excited" to eat. He would just sort of eat because he had to. I added Sojos to his regular kibble and he immediately started eating a LOT more and gained the weight right back! Not to mention he gets ALL fired up and excited for meals now. Jumping around doing his happy dance until I put his bowl of food down for him. I am VERY thankful for Sojos keeping my two boys very happy, healthy and active!”

—Meghan, Fishers, IN


We adopted Stella almost a year ago from Chain of Hope rescue organization. She was such a lovable puppy! We fed her kibble but she was not very interested in her food until we got a sample of Sojos and mixed it in. She gobbled it up! She loves her Sojos and has so much energy and the sparkle in her eyes in infectious! She runs with me all the time and I know her food gives her the energy she needs to be strong and healthy for years and years to come. I recommend it to Stella Loves her Sojos!”

—Indika, Overland Park, KS


My two dogs love Sojos. It is a simple and convenient food with our active daily life and during outings or qunand we must keep our pet. Their fur is beautiful. I think she may as well complete, when fed raw. Congratulations to your business. ”

—Martine, Plessisville, QC, MN


Moe was eating far inferior kibble before and really did not like it. Once I started him on Sojos his coat completely changed and his loose stool was a thing of the past. Now at meal time he eats his food with pleasure and I feel better about what I feed him, a win-win situation! ”

—Stephanie, Batavia, IL


My new puppie Ernie is going to have a long happy life on the Sojos diet!”

—Anna, South Lake Tahoe, CA


My husband and I started feeding Bennett Sojos after picking up a sample in our local store (American Dog Outfitters, Key West FL). We noticed immediately there were no side effects or allergies like we had been seeing with the kibble we started him on. ADO gave us a few days worth of samples while we waited on delivery; we received our first bag (turkey) and Bennett loves it and we love knowing exactly what we're feeding him. Sojos treats are great as well! I keep a small container in my purse for when we take him out with us, we rarely go out sans dog! Since he's not a highly food motivated dog, we feed him Sojos in the am/pm and a small bit of grain-free organic kibble throughout the day. Overall, Bennett has been eating Sojos for nearly 2 years and we have a healthy happy goldendoodle who loves to hear, "do you want some Sojos?" Thanks! Ps- we're originally from MN!”

—Kristin, Key West, FL


My initial reason for feeding my dog Sojos, was my opposition to feeding him kibble. I met some people at a party who discussed raw food for dogs. I was uncomfortable even thinking about feeding my dog raw food until I started doing research. After looking at raw food options, Sojos was the raw food diet I picked. Archy is almost 13 and has been eating Sojos since he was about a year old. Most people think he is a puppy. Archy loves his Sojos. Every morning, he does his Sojos dance around the kitchen. He is one happy baby at meal time! Thank you Sojos.”

—Mel, Evanston, IL

Holland and Balta

We love our dogs...they are family. When Holland became ill we almost lost her. She has gastrointestinal issues and she refused all of the best kibble we could buy for her. Balta has severe allergies, and is allergic to a lot of foods. What were we going to do? We found Sojo's on the internet and said why not? Let's think outside of the box! With all the pet food recalls, and our dogs health at stake we had to move fast. Our dogs LOVE Sojo's. Holland now eats with ease and Balta's allergy issue has decreased. Sojos ingredients are wholesome and healthy whether it be the actual food or the treats. Thanks for creating such a fabulous food(they are even holding paws over it!). ”

—Sherri, Georgia, VT


Ruby needs grain free food, we started her on dry food but she didn't like any of it. We tried several different brands, she wouldn't eat it. I was telling my local pet store about my problem and they suggested Sojos. She ate her serving faster than I've ever seen her eat and wanted more! Her allergies have gone down a lot thanks to Sojos. ”

—Kylie, Dodge Center, MN

Prince Poodle

Prince is a rescue dog and suffered from frequent UTI's and itchy skin. A grain-free diet with extra moisture helped get rid of his UTI's and his allergy symptoms too. The Sojo's Grain-free mix was an easy way to make food for him at home. I feel safe about the quality of the ingredients in the food I make for him when I can pick out the protein at the local grocery.”

—Jackie, Lubbock, TX


My dog, Laramie, is a greyhound. She has a very sensitive stomach and after years of feeding her processed dog food, her belly had enough. She began bleeding when she went potty and throwing up piles of bright red blood. It was truly terrifying and I thought I was going to lose my girl. I took her to the vet and was told that the only way to save her life from her issue, which ended up being Irritable Bowel Disease, was to spend $400 on steroid treatments that would make her restless, incontinent, and obviously cost me a fortune. I was truly heartbroken because I knew I couldn't afford this and really thought it was the end. We began researching alternative foods and tried Sojos. Laramie, who had scoffed at food for 6 months due to her issue, was instantly in love. I had never seen her eat a bowl of food so fast! Because of this, I was able to start putting weight on her. She had lost about 15 pounds due to the disease. The best part was that as she started to eat, ALL of her belly issues magically went away. No gas, no blood, no running stools, - nothing. Laramie is happy as can be now and looks and acts like a puppy at 9 years old. I am so thankful because I truly feel Sojos saved Laramie's life. I will recommend this food to anyone who is sick of processed dog foods. Thank you!”

—Courtney, Gilbert, AZ


My vet originally recommended I try Sojos when my Molly had a bad ear infection and was weak and sick. After trying it out, I was so impressed with the food, I kept her on it. Her energy levels were up and she recovered really quickly. Now, she hasn't gotten an ear infection since! She loves the food and has so much energy. She bounces around in the kitchen at mealtime, so excited to gobble up her Sojos. ”

—Elenor, Boston, MA


My kelpie Melbourne could not digest kibble, so I switched to a raw food diet including Sojos. His intestinal troubles (diarrhea) disappeared at once, and he's a robust, healthy adult of six years who is a herding champion and still going strong in sheep trials. He and his companion Sydney are models of canine health and energy. I'm reassured to know that Sojos is GMO-free!! Thanks for providing such an excellent food for our dogs!”

—Molly, Eugene, OR


Thanks Sojos! Our dog, Nukka, was diagnosed with an allergy to most grains and many different starches. She would develop lesions on the roof of her mouth which were very painful. Needless to say, she began losing weight and also became aggressive with a few dogs. After trying at least a dozen different kinds of dog foods (which didn't help her condition) and having her on steroids for almost a year, we started making our own dog food at home. This required one full day a month of making her food, containing it, and buying a full sized freezer to store it in. Our trainer suggested trying Sojos. Thank goodness! All of her medical problems have gone away, she LOVES her food every day, and we get one more day a month to spend hiking and playing with her! Thanks so much for your great product!”

—Melanie, Salt Lake City, UT


Thank you Sojos! Jack was diagnosed with autoimmune hemolytic anemia. The doctors prescribed steroids and chemotherapy medications. He became listless, overweight and lost most of his teeth. We decided to take the holistic path, weened him off of the meds and began following a raw diet plan. It saved his life. We tried a few other raw products, but Sojos is by far the most well balanced and tasty option for him. He is now a happy, healthy and very active dog. (On a side note, he was so excited that for the two weeks on Sojos that he woke us at 5:00 am to get his breakfast (luckily for us his routine is back to normal). ”

—Carrie, Los Angeles, CA


I must say Coran loves his Sojos too much. I recently did a switch from Sojos to full RAW but I notice lately his sad expression when he is served RAW instead of Sojos. He is not as excited to see his meal as when he was being fed Sojos. So, now he is back on Sojos and he is now a happy camper!”

—Vivian, Miami, FL

Belle, Kosmo & Dewey

Our triplets schnauzers had only been with us for a month or so when the Melanine scare occurred in foods and other things made in China. So, my partner and I decided we wanted to find a healthy food for them that was made in the USA. After some research, we ran across Sojos. We started with the grain free mix. We would add boiled hamburger, shredded chicken and scrambled eggs to give it more protein. We then switched to the Beef mix. But, I still add the chicken and the eggs. Dog food cooking night occurs every two weeks at our house. I prepare an 8 lb bag of mix with the added proteins. All three schnauzers sit in the kitchen and watch me as i cook, in case something is dropped on the floor. We always have one container that is being served from and another thawing out. The rest are put in the freezer to store. On the number of occasions that our kids have had to have blood work done, our vets continually tels us that they have the most "level" "healthy" blood levels she has ever seen.”

—Steve, West Des Moines, IA


Thank you! So grateful to have found Sojos food for my elderly dog. She has recovered from near death, is active and playing again. Just months ago, two Vets were suggesting euthanasia. So thankful my pet food store sent me home with samples. She started eating again when I presented them to her! I will transfer my other two dogs over to Sojos now, too. Waited several months before writing this, was so worried it was just a fluke. No fluke, my Ol' Girl is doing great. Eating with gusto, playing, and looks fantastic. A little leaner now but definitely healthy. Wish I'd known this food was available years ago...Thank You all so much. Happy to read on your blog you are expanding. Good news! God Bless!”

—Peggy, Logan, IA

Foxxy and Taggert

Hi, this is Foxxy, and Taggert. They're both Chihuahuas! Foxxy (The long haired one) came to us after she had a litter of puppies and her owners didn't want her anymore. Taggert came to us from our local humane society. They're my stalwart companions and protectors. As of this posting, Foxxy is about 7-8 and taggert is about 5. To me and to the dogs, the rehydrated food looks like stew and smells nice. I think it smells sweet, and I can smell the veggies. To me sojos smells fresh and tasty and something that I'm sure if I was a dog would taste delicious. It smells really good to me. I considered eating it myself to see how it tasted. WEll, to clarify the turkey one smells nicer than the beef one. My dogs are not sensitive stomach types. We rotate foods every month. My dogs have been a bit of an experiment in premium dog foods. I have a list of things to avoid in a food, and then I eliminate any brand's recipe that contains items of things to avoid. Over the years we have had the dogs, we've served everything from prey model to pedigree in this house, and our experimentation has refined how I look at labels and how to shop for food, and how to talk with others about the advantages and disadvantages of lots of different ways of feeding, and how to talk with confused new owners about the immense world of dog nutrition. I can walk into the nearest dog food boutique and I stunned one of the shopkeepers by the experience I had in every brand in their store. Last year I ran across Sojos. I had seen the original mix before, and then the stores started carrying the complete varieties which I picked up after trying to find a food that stores well, and also satisfies a dog's hunger. Full feeling is a vital need in a dog food for us. The problem is that higher end dog foods (grain free) run 300-500 calories per cup. That's an immense calorie content for dogs that only need 120 calories per day. My bitch is supposed to weigh 6.5lbs and my dog is supposed to weigh 7.5. That 120 calories per day also has to include the treats and chews you feed, the "snacks" they find, and the inevitable scrap they are handed. The problem is that feeding less than 1/4 cup per meal 2 times a day does not fill up a dog(1/4 cup = 2floz, but with kibble 1/4 cup dry can be significantly lighter). That's how kibble fails us, but we also don't want to pay for the 50% of canned food that is simply water, and we don't want canned anyway because it is environmentally very bad(cans are very wasteful because they only come in daily serving amounts and we can't trust can linings to be BPA free). We had trouble balancing prey model, and we couldn't get them to eat their organs. Home prepared BARF is excessively complicated, and homecooked loses the enzymes that are critical in a dog's nutrition needs. They also really love veggies. For example they will sit and eat the dulse snacks with us that we adore eating, and they will work for carrots. We also didn't want the huge expense that is prepackaged raw even though it is an excellent product that we will pick up occasionally when it is on sale. So back to getting onto sojos and feeding. When I first saw the complete variety I was thrilled. Freeze dried food, decent price (a 2lb bag lasts a whole month) not paying for water, easy to prepare, wholesome ingredients, and it makes dogs feel full. If I want them to feel fuller, I add slightly more water than is called for, and then increase the amount I feed them. The meal is more soupy, but it fills them up better. We were on it for quite a few months with excellent result last year before the husband and I had this discussion about the attention they were paying him. There are very few brands that have kept our service for longer than three months. Anyway. My husband doesn't like to feed Sojos, because he doesn't like the appearance or the smell. Therefore, as long we had sojos, I did all of the feeding and prep. He was complaining a few months ago that he wasn't feeling that the dogs were paying as much attention to him as to me. I told him that to get the dog's attention, he needs to walk them at least once a day and feed them at least once a day, and that he must devote at least a half hour of play time to the dogs. I am unemployed, so I spend my whole day with them. I take them out every 4-6 hours. I feed them, I walk them, I play with them, train them, I bathe them, I brush their teeth, I even knit for them. I take them to the vet and I buy their food and medicines. Well, it got solved as long as I would give up feeding them Sojos so that he would feel comfortable feeding them. So for the last five months we have been back on kibble. He fed them more, they paid more attention to him. We were on a well respected kibble brand that has never had a recall. But then the last three months got bad. Taggert came down with a pretty severe lower UTI. He was struggling to pee and it was scary and heartbreaking to watch him struggle. He developed a cherry eye from trying to force it, and it was exacerbated from what our vet thought was seasonal allergies which is strange because he never had that problem before. In addition, they had gone from the very fit 7lbs and 7.5 lbs all the way up to 9 lbs for Taggert and 8.3 lbs for Foxxy So I insisted on going back to Sojos. It's easy on the stomach and high in water when prepared right. We add dried cranberries to it, and after a week combined with antibiotics and changing his food back (and adding a bit of yogurt to restore tummy bacteria) he is getting back to a more normal urination. It's going to take a while for him to heal, his cherry eye is going to take a lot longer but it already looks much better. but it's made me wonder if our days of experimentation are over with. I've learned so much and I don't want to stop researching and testing, but I really am thrilled about this food and a little leery about getting back into the rotation until Taggert is fully healed. We're probably going to stay on the food for quite some time now until we heal and get over the scare of illness. ”

—Stephanie, Omaha, NE


I have been meaning to write this for a year now! We have a golden retriever named Ivy. Ivy is very active but was not eating a healthy dog food, and her weight topped out at 93 lbs. As she was nearing 7 years old, I knew that we had to switch this around, but was frustrated because the advice we kept getting was to cut back her food by quite a lot. I knew that wasn't going to give us the results that were best for her, and the amount suggested seemed to border on being cruel and we were not going to do it. I went to our local Chuck & Don's and got some GREAT advice and a recommendation to give Sojos a try. Ivy LOVED her turkey Sojos from day one. I started her on Sojos on January 1st and, by May 20th, she had lost 20 lbs! When I weighed her again at the end of July she was 58 lbs--down from 93 lbs. We have now added in 1/4 cup of no grain kibble to her 4 cups of Sojos a day. She has maintained her weight for almost a year. She was able to lose all that weight without being hungry and she gets the nutrition she needs. She looks FANTASTIC! Her coat is glossy and soft and she is running and leaping fences in a single bound. We are so grateful to have found Sojos. (An added bonus: her treat of choice now is a piece of broccoli!) Thank you for what you do!”

—Diane, Minneapolis, MN


I am not a new customer to Sojo's - just new to ordering from your web site. I no longer do business with the retailer I used to purchase your products from, therefore, I started ordering on line. One of my Wheaten Terriers has IBD as well as a grain allergy. Additionally, the only proteins I have found that she does well on are duck and venison. So, her diet is quite restricted to Sojo's mixed with either duck or venison. She's doing so well! She is not on any medications, even though the traditional vet wanted to put her on steroids when she was 2 years old - she was 10 in January and we manage without any medications. I do take her to acupuncture and we have some holistic remedies she takes every day. I love your products and am thankful for them every time I feed Kali. It took us a while to figure out a diet that she could tolerate, but we've found the solution! Thanks very much. Best, Sharon Kroker”

—Sharon, Walllingford, VT


Just wanted to tell you how much my dog Zak (a beautiful siberian husky) loves your food. Although I haven't tried it myself, I love it too :) I was feeding him another brand, but when they had a rather large price increase, it became too expensive to continue feeding him that. Dan, at 'It's a Pet's Life' in Plymouth, suggested your company, so we tried the Turkey Complete. Although it takes a lot longer for this food to re-hydrate, I am so glad he recommended it and we tried it. I really like feeding him raw and grain free, but we are on a budget, so we have to take that into consideration. Please continue making these wonderful foods for our beloved pets! ”

—Ann, Maple Grove, MN


My best friend Beau the Boxer was suffering from regular seizures. My vet didn't give us much hope for a cure. After serious research, I found out that a poor diet could be the cause of his seizures, so I switched him to Sojos Turkey. Within three weeks HE WAS SEIZURE-FREE! He can not be without Sojos, if I take him off Sojos, he will have a seizure within a week. It obviously provides the nutrition his body needs! Thank you for making an easy-to-use product, which we can travel with. Thank you for prolonging my best buddy's life! Beau is nearly 8 years old in this photo and he looks and feels amazing. My family is giving thanks, this Thanksgiving for your dedication and your product. Our sincere thank you to your staff and product. ”

—Victoria, Lake Tahoe, CA

Maximum Velocity

My 11.5 year old Jack Russell Terrorist was diagnosed last June with Diabetes. Within 3 weeks, he was almost blind and we could not control his diabetes. By March of this year, he was already up to 19 units of insulin twice a day and still we could not control it. We changed his food over to Sojos Turkey and within a week we had lowered his insulin to 14 units twice a day. I swear by this food!! You have given me back my Terrorist!!! While he is still blind, he is actually wanting to play, even fetch!! He is back to his crazy Jack Russell self. There are no words to thank you.”

—Susan, Schaumburg, IL


We rescued our dog, Amber, about 5 years ago and have always fed her what we thought was good quality food. She's now roughly 7 years old. We learned about Sojos from a friend about 6 months ago and researched the internet to learn more. We were given a sample of Sojos Complete Turkey by our friend to see if Amber would be interested, and she instantly chowed it down with her tail-a-waggin'! The switch was a no-brainer. About a month or so after making the transition, we noticed Amber's coat became very soft & silky, plus we noticed less shedding. We broke up the meal size to feed her 3 times a day, and she knows exactly when those times are, and makes sure to remind us. She's always been a few pounds overweight since we adopted her, but we recently brought her to the vet and they said she is at a perfect weight, and her overall health is exemplary for her age. The only change we've made is switching her food to Sojos. We couldn't be happier with the results, and would recommend it to anyone who truly cares about their pet.”

—Chris & Cari, Hopkins, MN

Aspen and Jazzie

I lost a dog to liver cancer when she was seven years old. She was fine one day and died seven days later with complete renal failure. The vet tracked it back to food. I went on a search to find the best I could find for my furry friends to eat for the future. I found Sojo's and have never looked back. No allergies, no itching, and they love it. I adopted two pets from the local shelter after losing another pet from old age. I switched these two immediately to Sojo's because of their skin conditions and health problems. Guess what? No skin conditions, no health problems. They are healthy and love life. They go for regular check ups but have not been to the vet once for being sick in three years. I stand behind Sojo's 100%. Dogs love it right away and never tire of it. Karen - Long Beach, CA ”

—Karen, Long Beach, CA

Sophia Maria

Sophia is a 4 lb maltipoo. From the start she wasn't a regular dog food puppy. Didn't eat so we were feeding her a lot of 'people food' and knew she wasn't getting what she needed. That is when I heard about Sojo's! She loves it! We mix it with ground venison, (we have a lot of deer hunters in the family), I make a big batch with the original Sojo's wheat and corn free, add the water then the meat and freeze in containers that normally last a week per container. Now we know she is getting what she needs and loves it. We believe she is eating better than us being it is grain free!”

—Mary Jo, Rushford, MN


I started feeing my golden retriever, Teddy, Sojos Turkey Complete in August 2011 (he was 9 years old at the time). There were many positive changes when we switched to a raw diet! Here are the highlights: 1. Minimal evidence of allergies. Teddy has been highly allergic to pollens since he was tested at 18 months old. I now believe he's also been allergic to some grains. He has been on extremely expensive allergy pills and shots for years, which I've been able to discontinue with no trouble. He has also been highly susceptible to nasty hot spots in the last few years (three occurrences in the last 8 months alone) and regularly had eye and ear infections. He would also lick and chew his paws like crazy every day, to the point of tearing his paw pads. I haven't seen him lick his paws for two weeks, the fur between the paw pads are no longer stained with saliva, and his ears are a nice flesh color (instead of their usual bright pink color). I am so happy to see him comfortable, for once! 2. Awesome weight loss. Teddy lost over 30 pounds (over the course of many months). No other dry "diet" kibble made a dent in his weight. 3. Increased energy and mobility. He has started acting more like a puppy again--zipping around the backyard like he's chasing some imaginary animal. :-) He was diagnosed with arthritis in one of his front elbows about 8 months before starting Sojos and has been on strong pain meds (he couldn't tolerate the NSAIDs). I've dropped his pain meds to half the original dose and he's hopping up into our SUV with ease. 4. Fewer eye "goobers" and cleaner teeth. 5. Improved digestion and elimination. No more rumbling stomach or stinky bombs. Virtually no pee burn-stains on the lawn. His poops are half the size, firm instead of runny, and have 80% less smell. What's not to like about that?! Sojos Complete is very convenient. I've been very reluctant to try any variation of a raw diet for Teddy because I'm a vegetarian, so I *really* appreciate not having to prepare raw meat! It's not cheap to feed a large dog, but I am saving so much money in reduced vet visits and other medications (not to mention a happy, healthy dog), that the extra cost is well worth it! Teddy eats his food with gusto, instead of begrudgingly. I love my "new" happy, healthy dog! ”

—Kristen, Sandy, UT

Chocolate Chip

Chip was a dog with a rough start. He had never received vet care, never stepped foot outside, never trained and never fed anything but people scraps. And not even the healthy kind, just things like chicken nuggets, pizza, potato chips and anything his owners were eating. When Chip's 'dad' died tragically and left Chip at home, he became depressed, his hair began to fall out in spots, he had dandruff, he had red itchy bumps on his belly, he was a sad sight! When I took him home after getting him vet care for his heath issues, he was 50% heavier than he should have been, his coat was dull and ashy and worst of all, he wouldn't eat dog food! Not any kind of kibble or canned food. I was so sad and I thought "what can I do?!". Then I remember I had once used Sojo's for my first dog to transition him to raw food, but when raw food became a hassle, I switched to kibble instead of back to Sojo's. So I went out and bought a bag of Turkey complete food and Chip was a HUGE fan! Now his coat is glossy and chocolatey, no bald spots, no red bumps, just a slim and active little guy who LOVES fetch. I love Sojos so much and so do my boys!”

—Kristy, Lexington, KY


Reggie has been a Sojo dog since she was 10 months old. She is now just shy of 14 years. Most people can't believe she's that old because she is still so active and happy-go-lucky. I give 100% of the credit, for her years of great health and continued Labrador spirit, to Sojos Original Dog Food (and treats).”

—Holli, Minneapolis, MN


Last summer when I came home from the beach, my precious Kiara, a yellow lab, could not raise her back end. She could not walk and I took her immediately to the vet. She weighed 130 lbs! They put her on steroids and pain meds and 2 weeks later, she was painfully walking. I couldn't stand seeing her in pain so I took her to a Holistic vet for accupuncture. While we were there, she recommended Sojos to help her lose weight. I had tried every weight loss food out there with no luck, including mixing green beans in her food. When we went back a month later, Kiara had lost 20 lbs. and was walking much better. After 6 months on Sojos she is a different dog. She is no longer overweight and runs around again. The only drawbacks I have found are she loves it and can't get enough (she only gets the recommended amt.) and it is hard to find in the larger bags. The only place I can find it other than online, only carries the 2 lb. bags. We Love sojos!”

—Mellanie, Asheville, NC

Jack Wong

My Senior Jack Russell was diagnosed recently with renal failure, my Vet said he was in the beginning stages of renal failure and that I had to limit his protein intake. He suggested pasta rice and veggies, well the pasta didn't go over well, the rice bound him up. I went to my local pet health food store and they suggested Sojos's veggie/fruit mix, I add a bit of fish oil and a tiny bit of fresh salmon and he is doing fantastic!!!! Thank You Sojo's my little guy may get some xtra time added to his long life!!!! ”

—Raine, Naples, FL


I started Annie on Sojos Turkey Complete at the age of 9 weeks, and couldn't be happier. She's happy, healthy, and has the prettiest coat! Folks at the dog park always comment on how shiny she is. I tell them it's the Sojos. ”

—Sarah, Minneapolis, MN

Gertrude & Dottie

Gertrude and Dottie are mountain dogs. They love to hike and explore but would come home so stiff and sore after a day on the slopes. Sometimes Dottie couldn't even get up to go out. After switching to Sojos, both pups have more energy and don't have stiff joints after a full day on the mountain!”

—Ann, Missoula, MT