“Sojourner Farms offers our clients home-cooked, quality meals — with convenience.”

— Rhonda Gainforth, East York Animal Clinic, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“I recommend Sojo’s frequently to my clients, and my own eleven year old Australian Shepherd cross, Sheila, has been on it as her sole diet for over five years. Her haircoat is beautiful, and her weight has stayed constant, her teeth have never needed to be cleaned, and to date, she shows no sign of arthritis. Meal time is the highlight of her day. I mix the original Sojo’s with Europa, to get a little more veggies in her diet.”

— Bettye Hooley, DVM, Montrose, CO

“On a scale of 1 to 5, I rate Sojourner Farms a 5+!! The correct amount of herbs and nutrition in every scoop! The change I have seen in my Bostons can be seen the show ring. Judges can distinguish a natural dog. For the love of your pets, feed natural. Feed Sojourner Farms!!!”

— Judy Zahas, Champion Breeder of Boston Terriers

“The good nutrition in Sojourner Farms is required to raise healthy giant dogs. And it’s easy to use and quick. Sojourner Farms is owned by a vet who has spent his life helping animals live healthy lives. In addition to health, Sojourner Farms food conditions dogs for intense competition in the show ring.”

— Kathy DeBoer, Breeder of St. Bernard Rescue Dogs

“Sojos makes giving your pets incredibly healthy food a snap! Just take their mixes and add your meat choice. One of my biggest peeves in the world for nearly 30 years has been the disgusting condition of the food big producers want us to feed our furry buddies! And let’s face it…making it all from scratch is a tough call in today’s busy life. Finally a healthy solution.Great for pets. Easy for you! This company gets “Five Stars” from me!”

— Dr. Deborah Baker DC, DNM, DI.Hom, MSc.(Nutrition)

“Sojourner Farms gives pet owners the best of both worlds, a high quality, premixed base to which owners can quickly add fresh ingredients to provide complete and superior nutrition for their pets.”

— Carolyn S. Blakey, DVM Westside Animal Clinic, Richmond, IN

“Sojourner Farms offers quality, efficiency, and the ease of preparation that people are looking for. You truly ‘are what you eat.’ Thus the sound nutrition in Sojourner Farms will provide the base of solid health for pets.”

— Kathleen Backus, DVM, Boca Raton, FL

“Sojourner Farms is a convenient, cost-effective, earth-friendly product that enables so many of us to feed our animals in the best way possible. Thank you.”

— Barbara Fischelson, DVM, San Francisco, CA

“Thank you Sojourner Farms for supplying people like me who want the best for their clients with a raw food mix that is all natural, easy to use, economical, and so high in quality. Keep up the good work.”

— Gary Van Engelenburg, DVM, Iowa Veterinary Acupuncture Clinic, Des Moines, IA

With Sojos we know that our clients are getting high-quality nutrition, natural enzymes and in our opinion, the best pet food on the market. That's why we feed Sojos to our own pets!

— Cathy Sinning, DVM & Kim Schnepf, DVM