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8 everyday superfoods you’ll find in sojos

8 everyday superfoods you’ll find in sojos

Although there’s no formal definition, ‘superfoods’ are nature’s multi-taskers—foods brimming with whole body benefits. And despite what many trendy diets suggest, ‘superfoods’ aren’t necessarily exotic—in fact, many are main meal ingredients that can easily fit into your dog or cat’s daily diet.

Here, for example, here are just eight of the ‘superfood’ ingredients you’ll find in Sojos food and treats:

1: Eggs

Sure, eggs make a great addition to your Sunday brunch menu. But did you know they’re actually potent superfoods? Not only do they pack a serious protein punch, they’re rich in antioxidants that help keep eyesight sharp and skin healthy, too. And, if your pal isn’t one for chewing bones, eggshells provide many of the same benefits.

2: Cranberries

Cranberries are oh-so-delicious and an excellent addition to your dog’s diet—especially if he’s got a sweet tooth. But more than that, cranberries help keep your pup’s kidneys and urinary tract healthy.

3: Sweet Potatoes

Believe it or not, sweet potatoes are great for your furry friend. They’re full of fiber, easy to digest, and can even help his body ward off heart disease and cancer. Not to mention, they’re tasty and help keep your dog feeling satisfied between meals.

4: Flax Seeds

These tiny seeds provide huge nutritional benefits! Not only are they loaded with fiber, they contain lots of omega-3 fatty acids that help reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. They even help keep your pup’s skin healthy and his coat shining.

5: Broccoli

There’s a reason your mother made you eat all your broccoli. It’s packed with Vitamin C and calcium, both essentials to your furry friend’s overall health and well-being. What’s more, this tasty little, low-cal green is a machine when it comes to helping the body fight disease.

6: Apples

You know what they say about apples and doctors. Well, the same goes for vets! Apples not only tastes great, they’re jam packed with important vitamins, minerals and compounds that benefit almost the entire body. What’s not to love?

7: Coconut

Coconut’s great for much more than a tropical drink on a sunny day. Coconut flakes or oil in your pup’s meal will help jumpstart his metabolism and encourage weight loss. It even helps protect heart health and maintains healthy cholesterol levels. All that and he’ll love the taste!

8: Green Beans

Green beans offer the perfect blend of protein, carbs and fiber. Together, they help the body battle disease and regulate blood sugar levels—and the Vitamin B6 is especially heart healthy.

Bottom line? Instead of focusing on finding superfood additives, look for an all-natural dog food with an ingredient list that includes plenty of raw superfoods. That will ensure your dog gets the maximum nutritional value from his food—and simplify mealtime for you!