What makes

Sojos Great

What began in '85 as a strange new concept struggling for a place on the bottom shelf—is now leading a growing category. Simply put, Sojos has defined the best of both worlds—the unsurpassed nutrition and taste of fresh, raw food with the convenience of kibble.

Sojos is raw made easy

Raw Made Easy - 2

Add water, soak and serve nutritious, delicious raw meals in just minutes.

Raw Made Affordable - 2

 Every pound of Sojos makes up to 5 lbs. of fresh, raw food. And that adds up to a surprisingly budget-friendly cost per serving.

Raw Made Safe - 2

Our gentle, proprietary freeze-drying process makes raw meat safe without heat or chemicals.

Meet the sweet spot between

Raw nutrition and kibble convenience.


Simple Preparation

Add water to Sojos and magic happens. In minutes the slumbering, shelf-stable ingredients spring back to life with the flavors, textures and abundant nutrition possible only with real, raw food.

Step 1Scoop

Pet food

Step 2Add Water

water being poured into pet food

Step 3Wait


Step 4Enjoy

dog eating

Must be pricy?

Think again

With Sojos, you only pay for real, farm-fresh ingredients—not water weight. What’s more, every pound of Sojos rehydrates to more than 5 lbs. of nutrient-dense food. Bottom line? Yep, a little bag of Sojos makes a lot of farm-fresh food.

Real Pet


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