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  • earth day: dog 'waste'

    earth day: dog 'waste'

    Dog ‘waste’ is a major concern for the environmentally conscious pet owner. Especially since the 78 million dogs in America produce 10 million TONS of dog ‘waste’ each year. The way you pick up and dispose of your pup’s poo has a major effect on the environment when you consider those stats. Here are some options to make cleanup more ‘green’:

  • Helping your dog deal with dropping temperatures

    Helping your dog deal with dropping temperatures

    We humans are lucky: We have an array of ultra-high-tech winter gear that helps us get through the winter cold. While we’re piling on the socks, thermals, gloves and gaiters, we sometimes assume that because our dogs have fur, they can handle whatever Father Frost throws at him. But cold tolerance, like so many things, varies from breed to breed, and can even be dependent on what your dog’s used to.

  • The most important commands to teach dogs for the holidays.

    The most important commands to teach dogs for the holidays.

    Manners are important during the holidays – and that goes for both people and dogs. With a house full of people, things can start to feel a little chaotic, which can make your dog feel stressed. And if your dog’s not behaving, it can make guests feel uneasy, too. Maintain some order and keep the celebration focused on fun by giving your dog the tools he needs to be a polite pup.

  • Caviar's story
  • A feast fit for Fido.

    A feast fit for Fido.

    Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and appreciate those you care most about—and of course, that includes your pets. So, why leave Fido sitting on the sidelines? Here are some Turkey Day staples your pet can indulge in, too:

  • Pumpkin


    Embrace the power of pumpkin! We include this great gourd in our many of our recipes. Why? Because pumpkin is packed with fiber and beta-carotene—and can help with an upset tummy and digestion.