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am i feeding enough? too much?

am i feeding enough? too much?

It's not always easy to know how much you should feed your dog. Just like us, every pet is different.

Things like age, activity level, body type, current weight and individual metabolism (the rate that calories are burned) all make a difference.

That said, the feeding guidelines on a dog food package are just that, guidelines. Only you can dial in just the right amount to meet and maintain your dog's ideal weight.

Sound like rocket science? Not really. Just work with your holistic Vet to set an optimal target weight. Then choose a high quality, all-natural dog food like Sojos (regardless of their differences, all dogs are omnivores, and they thrive on a balanced diet of raw protein, fruits and veggies).

Start with the amount recommended on the package and fine-tune daily meal size from there. Sojos is gently freeze-dried to capture all the essential nutrients and digestive enzymes, so your dog likely won't gain excess weight. But if your pet pal begins to fall below his ideal weight, try increasing the Sojos in his bowl or supplementing it with healthy proteins and fats.

As always, check with your holistic vet or nutritionist whenever you switch diets and if you’re concerned about your pup’s weight.