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help your dog lose weight the Sojos way

help your dog lose weight the Sojos way

Plump pooches may be cute and cuddly, but as we’ve already discussed, those extra pounds simply aren’t healthy. The good news is, with a proper diet and a little restraint, it’s not hard to help your buddy arrive at a healthy weight. Here are some tips to help your four-legged friend recapture that once slim figure:

Start with a healthy, raw diet.

To put it in people terms, a fresh veggie-filled salad is much healthier than a processed, microwave meal. And mealtime for your pup is no different. “Manufactured” dog foods typically include empty calories from fillers, preservatives and other artificial additives. Raw diets like Sojos, on the other hand, are packed with natural nutrients—and none of the wasted calories.

Treat him right.

Skip the jerky, pigs ears, and processed treats. Instead, reward your pal with a natural, limited ingredient snack. And keep in mind, it’s all about how often he gets a goodie—not the size of it. That said, bite-sized morsels like Sojos Good Dog bakery treats or Sojos Simply Meat treats, are great ways to keep things exciting without adding too many calories. And don’t forget raw fruits and veggies. Chop up some carrots, zucchini, broccoli, apple or banana slices—they all make for a fun change of pace.

Trash the guilty pleasures.

Without question, dogs are master moochers. And it may seem harmless to drop him a leftover bite at the table, or pass a few chips when you’re watching the ballgame. But don’t let those pleading eyes fool you, “just a taste” here and there can pack on the pounds. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with healthy table scraps, but at the first sign of love handles, put on the brakes.

Exercise. Exercise. Exercise.

Whether or not you’re trying to help your dog lose weight, it’s important to get him out and about every day. If he’s been fairly sedentary, you’ll want to start walking in moderation. Then increase the distance by quarter-mile increments each week so you don’t make those fun outings seem like work. Not only will the exercise burn calories and amp up your pup’s metabolism—it will get you outside and moving too. And be sure to spice things up with a trip to the park, the beach, an agility class or a play date with some neighborhood dogs—they’re all great ways to keep your daily excursions fresh.

Your best bud is relying on you to make mealtime both happy and healthy. So if he’s carrying extra pounds, it’s time to get him back in shape. With a healthy, raw diet, a little mindfulness at treat time, and regular exercise, he’ll be showing off his new lean physique in no time.