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It’s important to monitor your pet’s pounds

It’s important to monitor your pet’s pounds

Sure, a dog’s chubby tummy and roly-poly wrinkles can be oh-so-adorable. But excess weight can have serious side effects. And like the obesity epidemic in humans, pet obesity is on the rise.

A pet’s smaller size makes it difficult for us to understand how it feels to carry just a few extra pounds. But here are some estimates from PetMD to help you put it in human terms:

If a Golden Retriever adds 7 lbs. to his frame—roughly 10 percent of his body weight—it’s equal to about 12.5 human lbs. An extra 5 lbs. of weight on the average Beagle is comparable to 20 lbs. on a human. And a mere 2 lbs. of weight on a Siamese cat is equivalent to one of us packing on an extra 25 lbs!

We can add an inch or two to our waistline without noticing an immediate change in our health—it’s just harder to button up our jeans. But with your pet, a relatively small amount of weight can make a big difference in day-to-day activity and overall wellbeing.

Extra weight saps his energy and slows him down. His heart has to work harder to pump blood to his organs—which raises blood pressure and can lead to Heart Disease. And added bulk increases stress on his joints and bones—and puts him at greater risk of debilitating Arthritis. In short, an overweight dog can experience a host of health issues.

As a pet-parent, your furry friend looks to you to do what’s best for him. Without question, that includes maintaining a healthy weight. And along with plenty of exercise, feeding an all-natural, raw food is a great way to help your dog or cat maintain ideal body condition.