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Luna's story

Luna's story

We started our Sojos journey 8 months ago at the suggestion of our vet.

Luna was in an accident almost a year ago that paralyzed her back end for several months. And, being a Beagle, she put on weight quickly, her hair began falling out and was dingy. She desperately needed to get fit in order to keep her back legs working and to keep up with our outdoor lifestyle.

We were looking for a new food after hearing about the perks of feeding a raw diet, and Sojos was the answer to our problems! It’s easily made ahead of time for busy work days, we love that there are many different kind of proteins to try. Luna needed a grain-free food, and she LOVES Sojos.

She can now walk, run, jump, hike and climb mountains with the rest of the dogs—only stopping to wait for the humans to catch up.

She started out in her journey weighing 29 lbs and now comes in at a lean, healthy 20 lbs of muscle! Luna’s coat has never been shinier, it has stopped falling out, and her skin issues cleared up.

We’re thankful for Sojos and for the perfect dog they gave back to us in a healthy Luna.  We are now lifetime Sojos feeders!

–Emily, in Tennessee